DOJ Prepares AntiTrust Lawsuit Against Google, ONLY REPUBLICANS Are Fighting Back

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  1. After the things I have seen these tech companies do this year, I say sue em and regulate them! I'm done with their bs having dumb senators ask them questions isn't enough. I want to see code, I want laws protecting my data also, if a company using my data I wanna be compensated, in fact I wanna be reimbursed form these companies selling my data around. I want access to my data. I used to be all about the free market but they have crossed the line way to many time and they need to pay, hell yeah im voting any way I can to make life harder for these companies now and raising my kids to also. Fight back!

  2. Not to be that guy, but I put “doj prepares antitrust lawsuit against Google” just like that into Google and this video was the first result. It could be that I am subscribed to this channel so that’s why I see it so I tried searching logged out as well and I still got his video as the top result.

  3. Any "conservative/libertarian" who thinks we shouldn't reign in big tech is just pulling your chain or a moron. Everything changes once you're talking about monopolies.

  4. The way to do it is if they really start banning free speech. Some one could hack them, and play old Extez commercials over kid friendly content. Make all the commercials Extenz commercials.

  5. What should money have play if most Americans have already made their minds up for a president? If so if they had the clout then their money should been in the hands of everyday Americans to sway the election..??? Like alhan Ohmar in Minnesota ????

  6. It’s ridiculous that a tech giant can ban me for wrong think or exposing the riots with the click of a button, YouTube, Google, Facebook have all grown to become public utilities. Nothing should be removed that isn’t illegal, that makes them a publisher if they do and I should be able to sue them for deleting my channel.

  7. I found this exact video via Google… BUT I had to put the video title and the channel's name in quotation marks in Google's video search. If I did not do that, only mainstream nonsense appears.

  8. Look up this Movie : Totally Under Control (2020)
    It's a Fake Documentary Slandering Trump about how he handled Covid-19 it's 2 hours long.
    Maybe do a video about this, it is full of BS

  9. Hi Tim I live in the UK. You do come up with a google search here. Although google is manipulating search results. Do a search for white inventor or white married couple

  10. Weird… if you google Tim pool, the info card, overview tab shows his total views and subscribers stats, but only IRL and SCNR have links to the channels.

    Tim’s been blacklisted for reals.

  11. I looked up Tim Pool on Microsoft edge and got Tim Pool apprehended by law enforcement after livestreaming without a mask. lol
    Tim cast I get this channel on second link but 4 day old videos show up under the link not this particular one on the search engine.
    In google you are 5th link down.

  12. When did the constitution start applying to private businesses? They don’t get free speech they are a corporation. We get free speech because we are American citizens. Amazon doesn’t get shit.

  13. Android, Alexa and Siri all use Google to search for only what is deemed "Kosher" and blocks all "Haram" content.

    ALL 3 give you "Facts" From Wikipedia, a page where the Left brigades what Reality is by "Fixing Typos" or stating things without citation.

    They are right, We ARE in their monopoly, in their Matrix living their reality, it is why they are destroying all real world tangible history so nothing contradicts their narrative.