DOJ Threatens States Over Election Audits, 3647

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  1. I wonder where the supreme court would stand on this subject? We all know that is what the law was not meant at the time of writing that bill? This is the definition of Usurping, They aren't usurping property. No they are usurping history and definitions of words and phrases. What did Hitler and all the real fascists of the world? How did they gain power again?

  2. Per The Constitution We The People are in charge of the Government that serves us . The Federal Government is suppose to be small and support State Rights , protect our borders and an economy that people can make a living . People need to rise up like AZ and some others to make it clear to Biden or anyone else who wants to trample on their rights. This has gotten out of hand due to our lack of involvement in our Community, Counties and States. We have to change this or we will be slaves to the OWO that thinks we are useless eaters or cattle. They have stated many times publicly that they want to reduce the population to 500 million. That means they will murder the rest of the billions on the planet!!! Stand up and be heard.

  3. The DOJ is out of control!!
    This is pure insanity!!
    Election audits have been being conducted forever without any issue.
    These audits are to secure elections and reinforce citizens faith in their voting system.There comes a point people need to stand up.

  4. The Arizona audit people seem to be dragging their feet. I believe that will prove to be a huge mistake. The longer they wait to tell the world the truth that Donald Trump won that election by a huge landslide the longer the Democrooks have to do something nefarious to stop it like pay someone off or worse. The Democrooks are desperate and evil. They will retaliate with some sort of false flag where many could be killed. If the AZ audit team knows now that Trump won then they should make the announcement now while they still can.

  5. The left sucks. They are anti American and anti America. As many criminal acts they have pulled, who cares what they say. They stole the election and we all know it.

  6. The DOJ has no oversight authority or ANY authority whatsoever over the manner in which election records are handled or by whom is handling them within a state! It's absolutely NONE of the DOJ's business or business to meddle in the states election process unless it violate federal law which deals ONLY with voter discrimination, US citizenship qualification and age requirements.

    The state can flip the DOJ a fat bird and tell them to buzz off.

  7. When will public (aggrieved voters) realize that successful RICO racketeering suit v election malefactors (Deep Pockets) yields triple $$$ for plaintiffs. Extending to every pissed-off voters, of both parties who feel cheated by what they mistakenly perceived as free and fair. Imagine the moral umbrage suddenly unleashed when ordinary folks could empanel grand jury fact-finding and ambitious DA’s and cash-strapped municipals board the Election Fraud Special gravy train. Possible $$$ = skin in game.

  8. Nice parry. But as evidence now shows,…published figures from Az are not fully correct. Full Stop….Maybe more can be found? Every effort to show true vote, whatever result, is only worthy goal. Surely not avoiding obvious incompetence,…or worse.