DOJ Uncovers Trump Votes Got Thrown Away, Votes Found in Ditch, Media Says Trump Is Planning A COUP

DOJ Uncovers Trump Votes Getting Trashed, Votes Found in Ditch, Media Says Trump Is Planning A COUP. A DOJ announcement said a small number of votes from the military were discarded, all of them for Trump.

In a separate instance absentee votes were found in a ditch in Wisconsin leading many to believe that the mail in voting plan is going to be completely broken.

Trump of course has challenged mail in voting and the media has smeared him for it even though they keep reporting the problems. They now claim that Trump is planning a coup in the event Joe Biden wins.

Contesting the vote is not a coup.

Democrats of course don’t care and are fanning the flames of Chaos while accusing Trump of doing just that.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. The corrupt anti-American, political terrorizing & epitome of EVIL DemonRat party absolutely reeks of desperation & fear! They will do anything & everything to regain their corrupt power, but as usual, their immoral tactics continue to backfire! Too stupid to realize Trump supporters are voting in person while their voters are voting by mail! So who is their corrupt fraudulent mail in voting scheme gonna work for? Trump2020!

  2. The one thing that will de-legitimize the theory that Trump stole the election is if all the democrats running for office are flipped to republican, this would be the evidence that Trump actually won the election

  3. now Tim myself being a truck driver I have done mail runs from state to state with a mega carrier which utilizes heavy duty pad locks now on pick up of trailer they usually have the driver go through the gard shack check in then I either go to the docks get loaded pull up tot he guard shack they check every thing then i close both doors and they put a steel cable type seal around one of the lock holes for padlocks and the padlocks i use are called enforcers they are placed on a special latch that will secure the doors shut then i put on my enforcer hadle latch which has a built in locking device you place that on the two handle posts that put the clasps to secure doors to the upper and lower trailer so door does not open well this locking bare makes it where the door does not open up if some one breaks the lock off swift transport uses these devices you basikly need a cutting torch to get through these locks that is how secure my trailer is but the mail carriers uses companies like swift werner etc to haul long distance and that has problems there because we are mandated to federal driving laws per the fmcsa federal motor carrier safety association rules we can only drive ten hours by ground travel a day which can have countless delays bad weather, accidents road construction just to name a few and breakdowns being the number one delay thats with a mega carrier since they do shitty repair jobs on those trucks now i have seen postal carriers dump mail bags out of their trucks at times i have also seen bags fall off of the fork lifts and no one picks it up too and those latches are pretty sturdy when locked properly on those roll up doors on the mail trucks the back one is usually locked

  4. where I live, we anticipated this crap, so we have volunteers following postal workers on their routes and yes they are on candid camera. be careful those of you who might ponder dumping votes in a dumpster, or anywhere except where you are supposed to carry them. I suggest all Trump supporters get together with neighbors and work out one day a month for each person to follow these Treasonous bastards. it's THAT important.

  5. President Trump is a long way ahead in the polls,
    the poll numbers for vegetable biden are being manipulated.
    President Trump will win in a landslide.

  6. Democrats: Trump is going to cheat, that's why we need mail voting!
    People: What are those bags behind your back?
    Democrats: Ignore those, just letters from our supporters. It's definitely not votes in for Trump, which were stolen by our purple haired agents working in the postage system.

  7. Your name suits you well because Tim Pool you're a giant TOOL. You cant seriously believe half the b.s. you post… you post crap for views. Knowing rightwingers flock to content like yours….

  8. Ok, it's official. Anyone siding with this far left lunacy and blatant election fraud is an enemy of the state.. It's not even about trump anymore, it's being anti-american. There should be a registry, like a sex offender list, but for anarchists and terrorist scum.

  9. Wow. 9 votes were allegedly thrown out. There is no evidence that "the system is broken". The fact is that Trump put a person in charge who dismantled sorting machines and tore up postal boxes as well as limiting hours for workers. Another fact is that Trump will not commit to accepting election results. A bunch of baseless accusations, insinuations and gossip with very little in the way of solid evidence.
    If Trump refuses to accept the election results then he is in effect staging a coup. Obviously.

  10. Mail in voting is an automatic excuse to challenge results. Dems will use this as the excuse to challenge the red wave, delaying the decision as long as they can, possibly trying to inact some crisis method of deciding the presidency. They think we will forget they were the party advocating mail in voting. Rightly so, the president will push for a court decision to end the endless contesting. Dems will incite their lap dogs to riot to raise tensions on the public to compromise and accept their resolution. At that point the Republican turn-coats and anti-Trump deep-staters will come to the podium to convince us to accept the comprimise as best for the country. Vote in person! Insist on knowing the percentage of mail in votes. Dont fall for the provocation, dont accept the fruad and be ready to defend your communities. Its time to be wise and stop being manipulated.

  11. They are cheaters. If they don't get their way they cheat they threaten to change the rules every time they are bunch of children that can't handle to lose anything. Republican never act like this we lose an election we go back we regroup and we come out next election. Democrats lose they want to see how they can cheat the system next time to make sure they win. Just like when it comes to the Supreme Court and then threatening to add more justices or to add DC and Puerto Rico as States. And you know what these final two things will do nothing but obliterate their support forever. Because you don't change the rules just because you lost. DC and Puerto Rico will never become States. DC needs to stay as is it's like this for a reason, you can't politicize a place that holds the president's residency and the government. Puerto Rico has refused by voting since the day that they became a territory to become a state. They understand that they don't have a say in the federal government and that they are not full American citizens. They can't hop a plane or ship their belongings to any state to live in it's not allowed.

  12. Nothing new here, Jimmy Carter won the electoral college vote by a very slim margin. For example had Gerald Ford carried New York instead of Carter squeezing out the win by less than 3,000 votes, flipping NY’s electors to the R side of the slate would have been enough to give Ford the win and hence a second term vs the Jimmy Carter debacle. Absentee ballots in NY were controlled by a state committee, under the board of elections called the Division for Servicemen’s Voting. All absentee ballots statewide were sent to voter, and received from the voter via the division for servicemen’s voting in Albany. Absentee ballots were not available on a whim. For the 76 general election there were over 40, 000 absentee ballots, a large percentage being military. Personally I was active duty military at the time and received my ballot for the election in February 77, postmarked as being sent to me also in February of 77, as were all absentee ballots to servicemen with an FPO or APO address. A huge number? No, but in a critical situation, it possibly could have changed the outcome. Now for the interesting point, the chairman of the committee for servicemen’s voting was an appointed position, New York’s governor at the time, was Hugh Carey, his appointed chairman? Mario Cuomo. The corruption in NY is generational.

  13. Any election dispute, and this election will be disputed, is going to wind up being resolved by the Supreme Court.
    If Trump nominates his candidate and the Senate passes it soon, the SC will be 6-3 conservative, so we know that they will at least be fair about it.

  14. It's almost like, everyone should go to their local voting poll and check in to see if their vote has been counted, and if it hasn't, they should vote……

  15. It's almost like, everyone should go to their local voting poll and check in to see if their vote has been counted, and if it hasn't, they should vote……


  17. What they are realizing is that the Supreme Court no longer has the RGB influence to swing the election in that direction. They will lose in the courts which they have been depending on to maintain their majority in Congress and steal the Senate.

  18. Remember that 25 billion they gave to the post office for mail in voting

    That’s $76 per person or $125 per Likely voter ( assuming record 200m turnout)

    If it’s only 80mil mail in ballots that’s a whopping $315 per ballot

    What the fuck? What a waste of $$$

  19. Democrats are pivoting away from mail-in voting because Americans are waking up to the fraud. AJ (he who can not be named) may have stopped many evil plans by shining light on the actions of bad actors trying to stage “false flag” operations as cover for events that would be used to push social change. All this coverage (from Tim Pool and others) have alerted people to the scam and there’s enough outcry that the Democrats know THEY will be seen as the bad guy if it becomes and election issue. We’re forcing them to abandon their plans.

  20. America has the most flawed / Unfair Voting system, along with France… And you just made it worse ! Murica !

    The voting machines can be hacked in minuts ( google it , you be supriced )