Dominion Voting Machines have the ability to mark a Ballot

US Army raided and confiscated Dominion in Germany, apparently all election data was sent there.

Written by Tate Chasers


  1. Nobody bothered to look into this after 4 years. No national standards, no enforcement by the F.B.I.. Only political games. Trump got whacked, in part, by his own inside team. We'll see if he gets out of this.

  2. Why are we buying machines that can steal our votes? What happened to the vote of the people? Do we want the freedom to speak and live in peace? All people should be upset but l guess people want to be told how to live and who lives or dies!

  3. Ah indeed rigged voting is that any real surprise??? They've done it to lottery machines and slot machines and and and !! I may not agree with everything Trump represents but oh yes, he's so close to the truth re rigged votes it mirrors the USA stance on giving criminals the death penalty only to have them on death row for year after year after year .. making the USA as with voting?? the laughing stock of the world.. ??

  4. Yo dude.. really? These machines are used for in person voting. That’s why they are capable of marking a ballot…If there was so much fraud, why did the in person votes trend toward trump? If your implying that mail in votes were modified by the counting machines then how were the votes changed on ballots that had already been marked? Also the Dominion machines were used in a relatively small number of counties across the country. Trumps lawyers have lost at least 18 of the 20 or so filings that I’ve seen.
    Mostly because, once the lawyers got in front of a judge they were compelled to tell the truth about the content of the complaint. The 2 remaining had to do with the distance (10ft vs 6 ft) of the observers and the other was allowing 53 votes that arrived late and had already been flagged. Conspiracy theory is fun. When your 13 and your hormones are raging. It’s pathetic when your an adult trying to manipulate the masses. Conspiracies actually do exist, your job is to figure out which are real and which are promoted to bolster a personal agenda. Do you believe what your eyes see and your ears hear?? Or is everything fantasy. Is evil good or is good evil? If you want to know the truth of this election take a look at what your pundits were saying about the 2016 election. If it’s a polar opposite from what they say now, their entire premise is probably a fraud… have a nice day, boys and girls

  5. Is there any valid reason for a state to have one of these machines???
    It seems to me the state would be automatically guilty of voting fraud or at the very least guilty of making contingency plans for voting fraud.

    We had a strange reversal in Virginia where one candidate was far ahead and declared the winner; but next morning the winner had lost. Could this machine enable such a reversal?

  6. It's obvious Biden if he know himself been elected as president he should fight out strongly. He seem to me know that is a rigged election done by his team.
    The machine had been captured by USA military heard they have the information. This company are own by Chinese using the Chinese software
    The electoral votes are so easily been manipulated.

  7. I find it absolutely incredulous that the American people would be perfectly willing to put their trust in an electronic vote counting machine. I thought everyone was aware that such machines can be
    'programmed' by their manufacturers to give any result they so wish.
    For example. Take electronic gaming machines. They can be 'programmed ' when to drop a jackpot. If at all. Or another example. Someone sitting in front of a computer screen in the USA, can wipe out hundreds of people on the other side of the world by operating a military drone.
    Go back to pen and paper. It's much slower. But easier to keep a check on!

  8. These machines and it's software are designed to produce a desired result. There were no "glitches". They worked perfectly. The problem is, we now know what it's true purpose is. To steal an election and that's what the Democrats are trying to do.