Dominion Voting Systems Implicated in Flipping 6,000 Michigan Votes

Thirty states use this apparently buggy software- the company of course is owned by a Pelosi cohort:


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#Dominion #Fraud


  1. Even if it was 1 vote, election accuracy is of the utmost importance. This error would explain why Biden’s vote total compared to the democratic senators was at an 80k difference while trump and the republican candidate were nearly identical. It’s something you don’t usually see in a state where you can vote a straight ticket. Let’s not forget a lot of states overwhelmingly voted republican for every other race but on the same ballot votes only for Biden.

  2. So like the electoral system here in México, we do have watchers from every party, we do have electoral ID, our vote is in paper ballots only, you get a special ink on your thumb after voting and your ID gets punched (Voter IDs are usually good for 10 years).

    But I bet all of the above is racism…

  3. Are you trying to tell me Democrat racist president Franklin D Roosevelt that put Americans into concentration camps on the west coast wasn't even the slightest of being a fascist?

  4. You want to know who's to blame? Every insane mother F'er with Trump Derangement Syndrome that work for the Elections Board and the Post Office. The DNC is too stupid and uncoordinated to engineer such a thing. Hell, they lose every time they try to screw a republican.

  5. EVERYONE – you MUST watch this video (especially the part after 35min 30sec) –

    The example in the video is (I think) from a 2018 or 2019 election.
    Around the 36 minute mark, look at the figures just below the "Kentucky" heading. Beshear's figure has just been updated from 673,948 to 674,508. Ok, no problem there.
    BUT – the Republican guy – Bevin – has had his figure *DROP* from 662,235 to 661,675!!!

    If you watch the video, CNN "cuts away" from the data to a spokesman for a split-second, then goes back to the data again.
    Anyway – you'll see this at around the 35:30 point in the video. Well worth watching.
    You'll see that the election system is *open to the Internet* and is *very easy* to "manipulate".
    The security guy says (about this vote drop) – you have just seen 25 percent of the "loss amount" (Bevin lost, surprise surprise) "happen before your very eyes".

  6. Bernie Fans: "The DNC rigged it against Bernie and here's evidence to prove it."
    Also Bernie Fans: "The DNC would never do anything to influence an election."

    Dude, if they are willing to screw over their own candidates how is it LESS likely that they would try to screw over their opposition? If these votes are legit (which I doubt) you should still be encouraging an investigation to eliminate the allegation of fraud to bring legitimacy to Biden's campaign because if you don't all that shit democrats pulled about Trump and Russia for 4 years is going to happen right back to your own damn side.

  7. I agree with 100% of what you are saying but had to stop listening because if you took out all of the “G. D.’s” in your post it would’ve been 2 minutes long.. please, out of respect, just try to cut down on using the Lord’s name in vain. Thanks so much. ???

  8. Cdmedia channel – interview with source on electronic fraud. live CNN footage of switch voting fraud taking place in 2019.
    Guess which party benefitted?

  9. Is it true that several states (many aforementioned) received MORE votes than registered?? If so, what does that mean? What is the cutoff for registration?

  10. They should open source the code that runs these machines for developers to inspect. And I'd also like to see all the code commits as well to track all the changes made.

  11. Why doesn't America do what any normal country does for 20+ years now in some cases, mine nearly for 20 years in Europe, vote via digital signature( which you give and is recorded in the government database, and need national ID card or a linked local bank account confirming your identity, that will allow to vote. We vote for parliament and local government elections in this way since 2003. We were not the first country either. Everyone does it in many countries. Why do you still use 1960s era tech machine boxes at all? And voting jn person is an option,but a needless one for 20 years now. Why are you using fax machines also? America is undeveloped and stuck in 1920, not 2020, technologically.

  12. Now we know how Biden won the primaries after being declared dead in the race. Obama has supposedly used hammer and scorecard in Florida in the 2012 general election.

  13. Dominion was Diebold, their machines were caught flipping one in six Republican votes to Democrat in Illinois elections in previous years. Ties to Hillary and Soros.

  14. Perhaps the possible voting machine "glitch" in Michigan affects the James senate race too??????? It nice that you dictate strict election laws but we can't get the officials charged with prosecuting our laws to do it now, as it is. This is where the revolution/civil war will come from.

  15. Control the senate buildings, militia needs to be ready to take back any attempt to overthrow the true election result. Patriots be prepared to act for Trump if needed.