Don Lemon Fired From Primetime Show and Sent To The Basement of CNN



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These are the opinions and ramblings of a foul-mouthed lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

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  1. Don Lemik Brian, and Cooper had their club house in the CNN headquarters company closet, and they had some knock down drag out butt slappin, pocket pool championships in there so I hear, allegedly!!

  2. Sending some big Salty energy from Australia, not that its my politics it eventually will effect us here like it is the rest of the world. Get BIDEN / OBAMA / CLINTON out get rid of them asap. I used to come to the US every few months for work in the 90s, all the way up till about 2009. I would not take a free trip to the US if I was sent first class and could still smoke on planes. Not till trump is back. MAGA is very responsible and has too much patience, I am not asking for violence I am saying do not take the crap that the other side is throwing and playing on MSM to suit their narrative. ie sending people to Mathers Vineyard. Send these illegals to all the sanctuary cities. The border cities are having to pay the bill for what the so called VP border Zar that has never been to the right part of the border. Please just get rid of that bitch Whoopi Goldberg I was watching a show of mine that i actually like and she played a cameo in it and now I will never watch again. to beat these people just dont give them air time. Boycott everything MSM that is incorrect. Which is probably 99%. At least Gutfeld has a laugh while getting his point accross, easy to see why he is now number one. Although I have not ever watched your late night comedies since Dave Letterman. As from everything I have read they are not even funny anymore they are simply just pushing a narrative against everything America. That was once great. I really used to love coming to the states. With people like you Salty Cracker and other similar you stand a chance this time around and I might just get to come back and visit the great parts of America. Although I never really liked LA ever. It was always my point of entry before going anywhere else. I think I have been to about 24 of your states and all have been great except California. Even back then New York was fun. After Giuliani fixed it. Keep up the fight with your words and don't stoop to their violence. No matter what. Cause change through communication or people who love your country like Trump and others you often mention. I follow US politics more than I do Australian. As we have bugger all going on here. Its just as corrupt but Australia is a great place to live. Till it wont be with what the US is doing to the world

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