Don Lemon Says Journalists Should Treat Republicans As DANGEROUS. Ryan Grim & Emily Jashinsky Debate

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react to Don Lemon’s idea that the GOP must be treated as a danger to society, particularly following the end of Roe v. Wade.

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  1. Don Lemon is the threat to society. I'm not too why we care what this kid had to say. He was wrong about everything and now he is right about this lol.
    Last year the unvax were the most dangerous ppl that were going to Jill you and grandma. This guy is a piece of work. Such morals and integrity. Lol

  2. Don Lemon is such a snow flake clown. He should be asking why the do-nothing incompetent Dems failed to codify Roe V Wade. He’s such a shill just like Ryan Grim. Emily is such a breath of fresh air.

  3. Um Don Lemon CNN has put millions into Democrat Party Elections for very long time. Don't have to like Trumpy knowing you are the Democrat Party lap dog.. Same for Fox News Republican lap dog.. Sorry 🍋 your made of 💩

  4. Don Lemon has to understand what he said is irresponsible. CNN loyal followers will follow his words and really deem Republicans as dangerous. And they say Republicans are dividing the country

  5. Ryan finds it impossible to call Lemon out on his BS because they are both part of the same leftist cult. His mask of non partisan Journalist slips whenever he us faced with blatant CNN or Democrat hypocrisy.
    CNN anchors are Democrat operatives not Journalists.

  6. ryan's always been a joke, emily rocks, and don lemon calling himself a journalist? hahaha. he meant propagandist. the Trump Derangement Syndrome still HOLDS SWAY over these dopes 'n' oafs.

  7. They returned the legality of a non-constitutionally protected procedure to the states and local representation… the horror.

    Grimm playing dumb at the beginning of this segment is embarrassing.

  8. Don Lemond. The guy that touched his privates and rubbed it on a guys face in a bar. This guy should have been fired. Talk about being coddled by the media. What a joke.

  9. CNN needs to fire Don lemon. He represents a delusional idea that boxes all Republicans into dangerous. How much did a Democrat pay him for that? FBI should look into it.

  10. It always strikes me as odd when CNN wants to focus so much on right-wing extremism when the people burning cities are BLM. I don't agree with what happened on Jan 6, but that pails in comparison to the death and destruction wrought in the name of leftist causes. My closest grocery store was looted and set on fire during a BLM protest as well as several other businesses, they even set fire to an emergency rescue vehicle. Who is dangerous?

  11. TRUMP attacks equal to stopping Trump to look into the DEMs and Rhinos and Especially Biden Dirty Hands in UKRAINE!!!! When will a Real Journalists Gets Their Day to Expose all this . OUR money is going to UKRAINE for payouts. Shut UP maybe . Ukraine war is a Farce . Ukraine Coup done 2014 . Cover it !!

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