Donald Trump is a genius. It’s game, set, match in his battle with the media. It’s over. He won.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. I believe it to be more of "Trump is ducttaped in a bunker and he has 10 minutes phone privileges" because of Mcconnell. I'll never vote for Trump or the other Rs but I can see the dems are fcked this time, they'll be lucky to keep the house of representatives. Only way I vote D is if they oppose the left wing McCarthyism in their party and from the sjws.

  2. I’m not as much afraid of the current riots (ok I might have “privilege” in that arena) as much as the controlling feeling that is coming from the Left and infiltrating Inclusion and Diversity programs throughout various companies and agencies., It’s nerve-wracking.

    Recent events have confirmed my vote for this November.

  3. Hahaha. Your candid reaction is hilarious. You do very interesting work. Thanks for loving people and fighting in the virtual arena so that people can read what's going on from a different lens than what most of the mainstream media portray.
    The next time you're blown away, though, could you try not to use Jesus and God's name like an expletive? I know you don't mean to disrespect, but just be careful how you handle those names. Somewhere in the Bible, it advises handling God's name with gravity.
    Learning quite a bit and looking back on a far more complex ideology battle even within Christian communities, like you've mentioned. Thanks for digging!

  4. I've been saying for 4 years now "Trump is playing 3-D Chess. The Left is playing Checkers and playing them badly." When everything the Deep State, Obama, Obama's people, the Media and Hillary have done comes out there won't be a Democrat Party anymore.

  5. President Trump, doesn't owe anyone anything he's the 1st American president who is doesn't owe anyone. One thing is for sure we will never see a president like president Trump.

  6. What kind of genius jokes around without doing anything while his peoples history and heritage are being destroyed.

    Unsubscribed for sucking up.

  7. Average people are voting for Trump. Yes they are rioters not protesters. Yes the police are earning the hate. Yes those who killed Floyd need to go to prison. Yes Trump needs to get the military in to stop this.

  8. Republicans sure have lowered their standards over the years, guess it's enough for a president to walk, speak & end the first amendment for you to be impressed with him. What happened? Is this really enough nowadays?

  9. Apparently, teargassing peaceful protestors just to take a very awkward picture while holding a bible in front of a church is "genius"?

  10. I’m watching this several weeks later. Trump has huge balls. The thing is, the Democrats think he’s crazy. So by just making that statement he forces them to make a move. It’s funny how they say he wants to be a dictator or king, but he passes on opportunities to exploit power. He’s in their heads. He literally trumps their every move.