Donald Trump is Back on Twitter: ft. The Most EPIC Leftoid Tantrum Yet!

Although he has not indicated he will use the platform:
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  1. Elon outsmarted us all. Even i didnt understand the poll but if you look at his twitter replies he alludes to the fact is was a bot trap to figure out where they are coming from. Quite genius rather

  2. If Trump was smart he would post on both twitter and truth social, even if he considers twitter a competitor for truth social. He would have something like 100 million followers on twitter at least. Very foolish if he lets those that banned him from twitter win the fight. He should not give them the victory by banning himself from twitter.

  3. The idea that leftoids get salty about a weak sauce zionist system shill like Trump being allowed back on Twitter is truly hilarious 🤣

    The GOP are a zionist libtard party.
    Very bland, centrist weakling party.

    The only parties in the USA worthy of support are NJP and AFP.

    National Justice Party and American Freedom Party are the only hope for the USA 🇺🇸 ⚡

  4. I think this poll was a good option for an issue that put Musk between a rock (free speech) and a hatd place (apple and google supporting the app). It was also probably excellent Bot Bait!
    I agree that it should polls should not be the standard proceedure and that Trump should take advantage of cross-posting as his campaign moves foward. Peace

  5. A good news topic for tomorrow in answering to davey crockos video would be :being late to your own stream is gay, but getting high by snorting crushed up Xanax and going on a tangent about a mis-read poll of mine is extremely gay!

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