Donald Trump RAIDED & Leftist Twitter Celebrates The FBI! What The Heck Is Happening In Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump gets raided.

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. This is completely insane. Just wait for the reduction camps to open up. I feel that this is just the beginning anyone that disagrees with them is subject to what ever investigation they see fit. It's a "witch hunt". It's scary.

  2. The FBI themselves were just at his house putting the padlock on the door to better secure the documents. Then they show up with bolt cutters (cuz they forgot the key) and then take them saying he shouldn’t have had them? No. He was allowed to have them. They just needed to be secured. And the FBI secured them. So what’s the problem? They just wanted to do this to make it look like Trump did something wrong. It’s all about the optics. This was planned simply for optics.

  3. This is good news since new president House Republicans are pissed I just hope the Senate Republicans will do something when Trump raids the Biden's homes I don't want to hear one Democrat complaining

  4. Any glowbros who watch should be very afraid of what this means for them. The populace who has now lost any remaining shred of support for the fed will now outnumber them by a wide margin. They should probably expect push back from the citizenry, because many people will think very poorly of them, and will judge them for the actions of their organization.

  5. You've got to love how their evidence is literally pictures of toilets with paper stuffed in them with a little bit of text on it and you can't tell what the hell the text is and every single bathroom shot literally looks like it can be in any office bathroom and only that they're literally going after Trump yet what's your dumbass name Bush's wife Hillary literally had a server Bank of government documents in her house and norhing

  6. The BBC reported that the approval came from the highest levels of the DoJ. And Eric admitted to Fox that it was due to Trumps mishandling of National Archive documents that by law should have been turned over to the government.

    I mean this could be hand waved away as an oversight, and it doesnt seem to be any more serious than Hillary's emails. One wonders if Trump supporters will be chanting "Lock him up!" if there is such evidence of mishandling.

  7. Again, they're too dumb to understand this boomerang back in their faces. If you think after November and especially 2024 the left won't get the same treatment and what comes from that will be so much more terrible, shocking and embarrassing.

  8. It’s a really retarded move by the left. What you are doing is making him the martyr who will inevitably defeat anybody the left can put up against him in 2024.

    All it does is solidify the publics support for him, a person who already left the office and as far as I can see, haven’t been much of a problem to the current administration.

    What we see is a overbloaded government with reach much further than they should have, bullying a former president just to beat him into submission so he can’t run again.

    The democrats need to hire people who actually understand how society works and how public react to what they’re trying to do.

    Domination on Tweeter does not equate to domination at the ballot box.

    YOU WILL LOSE the next election.

  9. I'm so sick of EVERYONE starting their sentences with "I don't really kinda ..wholly..don't usually..have issues with..I've had my problems with…I wish he would …." when talking about DT..its getting really old….in the light of where the world is noW. You don't hear the left second guessing saying .. They say cult.. take it or leave it!… Stop sounding wishy washy ..this is not the time!!!! No one see's that ITS ON!???

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