Donald Trump: ‘The world is going to be blown to pieces’

Former US President Donald Trump says the world is going to be “blown to pieces” if America doesn’t get some “smart leadership”.

Mr Trump issued the chilling warning during an interview with Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

“We have stupid people now running our country,” Mr Trump said.

“Our country’s in trouble – something has to happen.

“If it doesn’t happen, and if we don’t have smart leadership, you’re going to end up with no world – the world is going to be blown to pieces.”


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  1. President Donald Trump believe it or not is speaking the truth total idiots are running the countrys of Canada and America and they’re going to run us into the ground wake up people Venezuela is going to be North America

  2. Trump this is for you. Could you ever take the time to give lessons to people on what's really going on in our world. And i'm talking about the corruption and the people behind it. So people like me can educate the upcoming generation. P.s please tell your lovely wife she's amassing. She didn't deserve the nasty jokes about her accent done by some late night talk show host's! She's more of a lady than any of the previous first lady's. She stand's out front along with Jackie Kennedy.

  3. With this stupid Biden administration in charge it is totally possible for them to blunder their way into a nuclear war with Russia. The US supplying weapons to Ukraine is technically an act of war against Russia already.

  4. The world sees us with our babbling idiot leaders that are flushing the U.S.A. down the toilet. Trump is right, the world could be in W.W.W.III shortly. Russia smells our weak leaders. They won't allow Ukrainians in without vaccines but no problem with anyone coming in from Mexico. WHY? Poor Spanish people will make better Democrats!!!

  5. We have not had a President in my lifetime anywhere near as great as President Trump. He did everything he said he would and had our country in a great place until Covid hit. Sure he has an ego..and why not…he's made and done brilliant things in his life. And he obviously CARES about America and it's people. Maybe he has offended people and the fake news outlets tore him up and created lies to make him look bad, but think about how much he did for the US before Covid unfortunately hit. Energy independence, a thriving economy, secure borders, world respect for America's leader, low unemployment, and foreign policy adjustments that benefited our country for a change. And that's just to name a few. What he talks about in this interview is scary and serious stuff. Our present weak leadership and this radical socialistic and communistic left winged Democratic party are destroying this country and its values. Biden has become a joke around the world stage and his policies and weakness have embolden our adversaries. I'm not a doomsdayer, but take heed in what Trump is saying…and Pierce ( get real ).

  6. The best President America could have – it's Donald Trump! If i could American, without doubt I could vote for Donald Trump. Sadly, from Lithuania I not allowed to vote for him… 😐

  7. Respect to Donald Trump. He’s speaking the truth here. Just imagine that he still WANTS to take on the challenge with everything he already went thru and the mess we’re in now. Lord help us please. 🙏🏻

  8. Trump was a success before politics NO ONE OTHER GLOBAL POLITICAN HAS BEEN BEFORE POLITICS. THEY USE AID $ take first class trips to CCP in 2015… all sorts. TRUMP WAS A THREAT TO EVIL. THAT IS WHY he had so much hoax put on him. EVIL HAD NO CHOICE IF THEY WANTED TO CONTINUE EVIL. IT WAS THAT simple. LOVED him since 2005. Smart with a good heart. CARES to make people living hard lives better. NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE THIS EITHER SIDE SINCE 1960s

  9. That's right Donald. My mom doesn't get to see me as I usually am. This grieves me because generally I am a kind and happy man but she is stuck with her warped perceptions of me and all too often she gets hostile with me. So it depends on how we are greeted as to what kind of person they see.

  10. He was attacked so much cause he wasn't a politician and they were afraid of him cause he had no filter. Truth be told the country was in better shape than it currently is and they need to stop blaming other countries and presidents for it…..

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