Donald Trump Will Probably Run Again in 2024: But Can He Win? Analysis

Defortification is key.


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  1. If we don’t see a significant conservative show of force in the midterms & subsequent legislation, I doubt it. I anticipated that if there were widespread voter fraud, it needed to be dealt with at least a fews years PRIOR to the 2020 election. Since that didn’t happen, I pretty much knew what was going to happen as soon as the initial results started closing up.

    In 2016 Trump was able to take the establishment apparatus for a joyride all the way into the white house, partially because the deep state clearly didn’t see it coming. In 2020, and again in 2024, they’ll muster everything in their power to keep him out. They’ve openly disclosed their efforts in this already see article on “shadow election”, etc.

  2. Unfortunately, he's too much of an egomaniac to not run, even if it is not what's best for the country. Don't get me wrong, he's still better than any Dem, but he has a way of getting Dems out to vote and I have no confidence that another Trump term won't hurt the chances of Republicans while he's in office and after he's gone. I'd prefer a guy like DeSantis runs so you get much of the good policy without the baggage that comes with Trump

  3. Well pretty much everything good he did was instantly reversed, policies erased, so what’s the point? And 3 more years of this insanity. I’m just not optimistic for anything lasting. Some have suggested he run for the house 2022, where at least he could chair investigations, use his popularity, rallies etc to prop America first politicians. But winning a house seat in his FL district would still be hard. And the TDS factor is still very real. Plus as many have pointed out, our election system is completely broken, even if he gets 100 million votes, they could still do what they did in 2020. I do like your suggestion that all of us that actually give a shit run for local office but I doubt, unfortunately, many will follow that solid advice.

  4. Honestly, I dont think anybody will win that the dems dont want. I mean they fucked iwth 2 elections already why would they stop now?

    But ignoring that, with how complete the tear down of Trump was in the media, I think he'd be better off backing another candidate instead. Whether that be pushing that person to his fans or financial things or whatever. Also if Trump and another person runs then those votes will be split among those two people and it is less likely that one of them would win vs a single dem choice. But in reality we know Biden's corpse or someone equally as unlikeable and inept will get a landslide record of votes again by magic. . .

  5. No, he wouldn't win because they'll just rig it again and he'll be called a two time loser. This is the new norm now. Going to be a few states that carry his ideals and supporters of his will flock to them to live in a kind of utopia within a corrupt country. Eventually that'll get shut down too.

  6. Trump got played from day 1, sure he was attacked w/ unprecedented lies, but saying “Hoax!” Over & over isn’t good communication, the gaslighting can’t be undone, and besides, the gaslit people too on how & they won’t let him win again.,

  7. Trump won’t be allowed to win. He got played, betrayed,undermined & ignored by his own people, and then he whined about how he never liked the people he hired then fired, in the most humiliating ways.He couldn’t get shit done, except tax breaks that left a lot to be desired.His stunts, aren’t what this Country needs.He wasn’t a populist president, at all.

  8. The people of this country voted for Joe who is destroying this country. The american people will do it again in 2024 by voting for Harris or Joe……

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