Don’t Ask Questions…Or Else, You’ll Get Sent to the Gulag

Marine who criticized military leaders over Sharialand fiasco gets punished for daring to ask questions.

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  1. Where are all his "brothers" to get him out? He definitely made a statement. Question anything god government does and you will be epsteined or forgotten in a hole.

    Mental exams will start soon for the unvaxed. Then your guns will be taken because you're unstable. Then your job, property, accounts, etc. Next is the internment camp…sorry mental health facility where you will bow down or die. Take the mark or starve.

    Cops won't save you, military won't save you, trump won't save you, family won't save you… Fight or die time is here but everyone is waiting for it to start. It won't until we unite and set the world ablaze. This isn't the American government it died long ago. We are under the nwo…

    I call on any and all to unite us. How many subscribers do you have? How many subscribers do your fellow yt channels have? 5-6 big channels could start this even if only 0.1% of their subscribers joined together. I'm an optimist though. I still have hope but its fading…

  2. Oh dont worry everyone. I'm sure people will "rise up" over this just like they have over everything else. lmfao

    I love how the country that's constitution and founders literally that tell "the people" to arm themselves to keep the government in check is somehow also the country that has the most passive and submissive population.
    I guess as long as we have our Mc'Ds and porn its fine right?

  3. It's mind-boggling.

    20 years of fighting to free a region from terrorists, seeing people you consider brothers be injured or killed in battles or ambushes, trying to win the trust of the local communities,and somehow all that effort went to waste in a matter of weeks… then when you ask for the ones in charge to be held liable, you end up in jail to "have your sanity checked".

  4. Then the guy says Trump is bad because he can't unify the country…but not so bad because he exposed msm bias…but still can't unify it…because…half the country believes the msm. That's a big brain right there

  5. These swamp creatures are absolute cowards. All he did, was speak his mind and the truth of what happened was wrong, but no, right is wrong, wrong is right. So what do they do, throw him in jail/brig because we was just speaking out.

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