Don’t be Fooled: “Equity” is Just More Newspeak for Critical Race Theory

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  1. I think we SHOULD teach critical race theory. With each lesson, however, all racism should begin with teaching the exact ties of the worst aspects of racism being tied to the Democrat party. All slaves leading up to the Civil War were held by democrats. The kkk were with very few exceptions all democrats. The Jim Crow laws of segregation, all Democrat policies. The list goes on. Heck, today the democrats still believe colored people cannot do basic civics like get a driver's license or figure out how to vote.
    We should teach the history of racism, the REAL history.

  2. MOST people actually don’t give a fuck or understood CRT. It’s not being defeated at all…. It’s just the same people who push that are also pushing longer school closures and parents DO care about that. That’s the only reason these people are getting out.

  3. You are the biggest full of shit expatriate, ever.
    You dont even live in the USA and CRT is not even tauht in elementary schools.
    Just make gardening videos, because you never even READ Noam Chomsky—-have you?
    This ShytzInHairyHander is always gassing up the right-wing Trump Crybabies.
    Let your MAGA TEARS FLOW, styxy.

  4. Missouri here. Have twins in high school near StL – but my son overheard his history teacher listening to X22 report during their lunch break so at least we know not everyone is swallowing the leftist agenda. Some people are probably stealthily fighting it.

  5. What teaching ethnocentric socialism USED to be called: Nazism
    What teaching ethnocentric socialism is called now: Critical Race Theory
    What they WANT teaching ethnocentric socialism to be called: Racial Equity Courses

    In all fairness, Marx's Socialism wasn't dependant on Race , like modern socialists are. Marxist Socialism was based in Classism, the poor vs. the rich. Not the black vs. the white. That was NAZISM. NAZISM believed in nationalized socialism distributed along ethnic lines. Just like modern socialists, the only difference is the race they think should be entitled to benefits.
    Modern Socialists/ CRT theorists ARE, by definition, Neo-Nazis.

    They go around calling everyone else Nazis so nobody has time to call them out.

  6. WRONG … "equity" is one of the TWO IDEAS mentioned by Yuri Bezmenov that were supported by the KGB to subvert the West; the other is "social justice".

    EQUITY IS COMMUNISM … and although CRT is also communism … equity is NOT "a child concept of CRT" … because FEMINISM USES IT TOO!

  7. Many years ago, I saw teachers strike signs with the fist-in-a-venus-symbol icon. That told us all we needed to know, but nobody cared then. Meanwhile, the roots are deep now.

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