Don’t be Fooled: The Aussie Nuclear Sub Deal is NOT Evidence the USA Will Hardball China

Why hardball a cash cow? This is all about selling subs and nothing else:


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  1. There is another side to this in that Naval Group (the French company involved) has been dragging their feet, giving us massive cost overruns and generally not delivering the submarines or even a set final design for years at this point, to the point of it becoming an embarrassment of a program for the Australian government.

    We'll cop a fee for breaking contract but we very well might get our submarines out of it, instead of a who knows when with the Naval Group deal.

  2. The French are pissed about this deal.
    PS. Mostly because US, UK & Friends aren't supposed to proliferate that specific nuclear reactor technology.
    Not only did they back stab the French they broke the mutually agreed rules.
    Now France can then sell said technology to anyone if they want… fuck treaties! They are for le pussies anyway.

  3. As a Brit, the howling of the French makes this worthwhile. Shame that the leftist states of Canada and NZ are cosying up to China so can't really be trusted. It's a technological partnership deal too though, which you seemed to have ignored. Also, you're way too ignorant of politics in the UK to make a judgement over what we're turning into. Your American political analysis is good but your analysis of anything outside there is pretty mediocre.

  4. France was thrown out because they kept trying to move more and more of the construction to Francw when it was all supposed to be in Australia. The Australians were also appaled by the idea that the French were going to take of the entire month of August.

  5. Styx
    We don’t drink fosters its
    shit beer .
    The most popular bear in Australia is Great Northern followed by
    VB Victoria Bitter .
    This past weekend protest particularly in Melbourne need you comment and attention .

    I recommend you view rebel news
    Avi Yemini and Real Rukshan who live streamed the hole protest Facebook and YouTube .
    The Victoria police instigated the violence not the protestors .
    Also look at what the Victorian police did to a 70+ year old lady. Worth the commentary .

    Thanks Styx

    Jeff Arnett form Australia 🇦🇺
    An appreciative follower of your work

  6. America and china are bed buddies why would they go to war … unless china decides to back stab the us …. survey says thats what they have been planning for a while. How do you bring down a beast …. go after its children.

  7. He is essentially handing our nuclear sub design over to china. The Australian government has been badly compromised by china for a long time. They should buy the useless french equipment i don't trust them with ours.

  8. Its a defence bill that will allow each nation to back each other against its own citizens……nothing to do with China…….everything to do with Lock Down Rebellions……..

  9. That submarine deal was utterly ridiculous.
    Converting nuclear to diesel, stupid.
    The French knew it couldn’t work, 90 billion as well, more expensive than better US nuclear subs, a typical Malcolm Turnbull deal.
    I’m pleased it’s canceled.

  10. What's nuclear free New Zealand gonna do when they discover a nuclear Australian sub in their waters? Australians are already calling NZ a bunch of bludgers.

  11. The US/France alliance went to shit when France pulled out of NATO and made us abandon our bases and turn them over to the French in the late 50's (I forget the actual timeframe). Anyhow, my Grandfather an Army Major stationed in France when this happened and he told me that the deal said we had to leave all the bldg's, but it didn't say anything about furnishings, interiors, utilities! So, before our troops left they removed all the furnishings, gutted the bldg interiors, removed non-loadbearing walls, toilets, sinks, windows, doors, cut and removed power lines, generators, all pumps and components of water, sewage & power systems. Pretty much just left the shells of bldg's standing.

  12. China is mad they did not get cash but will go along with it, said they will send a fleet to Hawaii to help us out. You need saber rattling to keep up the spending. War is good for business but cold war is better all the buying of war toys no damage to the economy. Got to do something about sluggish economics around the world and all the out of work people. We all know it, government acts like they don't know we know and we act like we have no idea why we make weapons we never use. If we wanted to hurt China we stop importing goods from them and food to them.

  13. The French were planning on screwing the Aussies, trust me. I'm a military history and tech guy, all the signs and symptoms were there. I do agree with you attitude that US is turning into China however.

  14. To hell with the French, get Macron out then maybe then they can get the bloody deal back. You’re spot on about Biden and Boris Johnson bring the playthings of China.