Don’t Be Fooled

This week I spoke with David Sirota – award-winning journalist & writer and founder of Investigative News Site ‘The Lever’. We spoke about the weaponisation of identity against universalism in the economic sphere, such as why economic giants like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs & Wall Street put up flags in support for identity issues. #corporation #pride #banks

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Sanders was controlled opposition, plain and simple. As per Donna Brasile, he knew he primaries were rigged and still Sanders raked in campaign donations.

  2. Universal vs the individual. Just look at one variable…..stuff. In the history of social orders that we know about…. who has the best ‘stuff’… that would include food, healthcare, flushing toilets, electricity, internet, laptops, iPhones, automobiles, lots of gas stations to fill up, Starbucks, heating and cooling, etc. Did all this great stuff that EVERYONE WANTS and DEMANDS… come from the universal or the individual. Bernie Saunders wants to be in charge of distribution of all incomes people acquire thru working. Then he also decides what products are produced and how much healthcare you get. How is that different than communism. It boils down to this: if you want lots of stuff… lots of capitalists are needed… they are individuals… and they will not or should not be expected to hand it over for the good of all! The second you start confiscating a persons profits… they stop producing… NO MORE STUFF! Just protect those small and medium size companies, that’s what Trump did… and you will get the products that you want. Universal health care is the same as talking about equity…. or Santa Claus.

  3. Yeah a color blind society does not exist but also it's not promoted at all! Color blindness and looking at the things that we have in common instead of the differences should be promoted, pushed, influence, because it is the greater good…..

    – Ephesians 5:11-12; KJV Bible

  5. Equity – guaranteeing the same outcomes to everyone versus Equality – guaranteeing the same opportunities to everyone. Equity is communism. Equity promotes the idea that everyone should turn over their ownership to government to redistribute the wealth to others. You would have to have a government free of corruption and self-interest in order for that to occur. All governments are corrupt. That's what happened in Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist/communist countries. Just ask the people that live there, or are fleeing to the US. In this world, that will never exist because there is no perfect man. Man is always vulnerable to corruption.

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  7. I think American society should start having a discussion about reasonable laws prohibiting price gouging at the federal level and allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. That’s a good start. Lobbyists won’t allow it but I can dream.

  8. Identity politics is a weapon. However, it only works when we let it. I don't. I won't. Minorities may have my understanding. That's all they'll have. I have rights too. My family and friends, I have their back more than anything or anyone else on this planet.

  9. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.
    – Ephesians 5:13; KJV Bible

  10. Don't be fooled… Indeed. That was me listening to a socialist globalist arguing in favor of a kinder, gentler socialist class war to advance universalism now that the race narrative has blown up while still complaining that people who try not to be superficial about skin color are still full of shit anyway. That's 10mins I'll never get back.

  11. The climate has been changing cyclically for 4.5 BILLION YEARS. Earth has gone through vast cataclysms and shifts that would stagger our puny intellects. Yet Earth has survived.

    WHAT MAY BRING HER DOWN in the end is interference from those puny intellects. THESE ARE PEOPLE who think that CARBON DIOXIDE is a POLLUTANT when IT IS actually the LIFE MOLECULE that is GREENING our planet.

  12. An Englishman and a Jew. I never expect the whole truth from English and Jews. I expect the truth from those with boots on the ground, Christian, white, heterosexual males who founded America. The minorities are always tearing down the majority for subsidies, free money, like Zionists, blood sucking, vampire squid feeding on Great Britain and America. We need to be freed of Englishman and Zionist vampire squid who are subsidized by deplorable working people.

  13. It's too late it's done and this is what happens when you take power from the people because change goes with it as well and innovation and so old cronyism has brought us to where we are right now and we're done we can't fix what we've done to the climate we've passed that threshold and everybody knows it

  14. LMN8-NWO the world is waking up, America your neighbors nor those civilians in other cities are. We have been lied to about everything, the ones who lied then told us that it was the people with a different skin color that were the problem, then it was those people from that country, or it was the gays, or as Hitler said the Jews. See the pattern, it's so much worse but that's just an example for simpletons. People we must stand with one another and take down the poop heads.

  15. I identify as someone that doesn't have to pay taxes, and she get all their taxes back, lol. I also identify as someone who can travel the world freely without having to have a passport, or have to pay for anything. Oh wait, free will, free choice, and any kind of Human Rights are all illusionary. So doesn't really matter what you think, or believe, the same people still own you, and the air above you, and the land below you. There are certain owners of this planet, and they operate outside of your existence.

  16. I love how the left truly believe they are going to swoop in and beat all the big corporations back for the working class, but these giant corporations are all run by leftist. Then they say well i dont like them i am for Bernie Sanders he is for us. You mean the same guy who bought 3 houses and shouted about the millionaires and billionairs until he became a millionaire and then changed his speech to billionairs. Stop looking toward a savior and start being self sufficient. You dont need the big corporations, you dont need the government, i repeat myself, You dont need to trust modern day charletons becaue in the end they will sell you down the river as soon as they can get their pay day(ahem bernie)

  17. Cant be for de-centralizing and have this universal policies thats only going to be more centralized. Need less government as they do a bad job while stealing our money to get re-elected.

  18. Notice how LAST month was apparently "Pride Month" yet the flags are still up and the pride events are happening THIS month… so EVERY month is now rainbow month, because "equality" and "inclusion" clearly relies on elevation, division and segregation. Every month is now "Shame Month" for anyone who doesn't submit to the radical woke agenda. We've come a long way from "I am not a label" and "…get over it"

  19. I completely and categorically DISAGREE with what you say about "people aren't to blame" I DISAGREE so much I use CAPS ❗lol… Why❓ A) Because the people really believe every "social promise" these lying billionaire politicians make, hence they flock to empower them, (divide & rule works so very well) and B) They still believe in Red vs Blue❗When there is no difference between them at all❗Until we can overcome these huge mistakes made by the everyday man and women, we will never have a government that really cares about the people. Instead we just get more of the same, over and over again. And round and round we go❗👎🏼

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