Don’t Cry About The Culture. BECOME The Culture.

Do. Or do not. There is no cry.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. I haven't any creative bones in my body. No talent for art, no flair for music, no eye for writing. I am as creatively bankrupt as can possibly be. Even the example of "bad" on here are better then anything I could ever create in a hundred years.

    What I DO have, instead: money, and business sense. My talent isn't in CREATING art – it's in FINANCING it.

    I'm in the process of getting my creative friends together on a game project, with the hope that we'll be able to turn said game into an actual dev studio, with me being the one holding the purse strings. Do I expect to succeed on the first game? No, but I DO expect us to make more, and to EVENTUALLY succeed.

    And before you ask: no, I've not inherited a single red cent. I've earned it all from my day job. Same with what little leadership skills I've picked up; all from the cubicle farm I've risen through the ranks of.

    Even if you don't have the gift of gab like Razorfist does, or any artistic talent, you can still be part of the culture in other ways. Whether financing it, organizing it, or just plain doing shovel work (I forsee LOTS of midnight coffee runs in my future, and I don't even drink the stuff), you can make an impact.

    All you gotta do is think a bit about how, and then try your hardest at it.

  2. Razorfist, you have inspired me. I'll get back to working on my fantasy novel. I will show men and women how they OUGHT to be, complementary, a team, the best versions of themselves. I can hope and dream again.

  3. Is the Renaissance finally starting? I've been saying for awhile given the current climate we should be in one. Let's hope it's a repeat of the 80s where those shaking things up find commercial success instead of their talents being recognized later like usual. This time it will be art and writing instead of music, but I'm down.

  4. The leftist showed their true colors with this. Anybody who defends these clowns and their ideology are either lobotomized at this point, or so devoid of individual, critical thought that without echo chambers their heads would implode.

    Edit: “The Iron Age”… I LOVE IT!

  5. Hehe… Your passion makes me smile… Best of luck friend, even though as a metal head you were the natural enemy of industrial… But hats off to you on your pulp work.

  6. I'm working on a gothic novel series. I've finished the manuscript for the first book way back in 2017 (I was 19 at the time when I finished it). Then, I've finished book #2. Right now, I'm just outlining the entire series.

    So far, I'm outlining book #4. Work and personal life gets in the way, but I continue to work on it nonetheless.

  7. So haters are hating on a self made success that drew audience/customers without ads, brainwashing propaganda, or being given opportunity by the free market place of options by the mainstream would be controllers of subculture consumption? I don't think they understand contrast or variety, perhaps they do feel threatened on a pathetic enough reason to attack first and not bother with questions or accountibility.

  8. This makes me so happy. Personally before things became about cultural positions I was buying stuff from independent creators instead of passionless crap vomited out by corporations from bands that make it on their own from numerous bands you've never heard of to ones you may have like Blaze Bayley to YouTube channels putting their stuff out on DVD like Turbografx gaming reviewer Spida1a because I've always been drawn to passion for something.

    But when these dark times began I started incorporating this sort of stuff into it as well. Though my first real experience with this was supporting Alison Tieman of the Men's Rights group Honeybadger Radio when she made her anti-feminist comic book Xenospora that was to show a flipside of what a culture that was a complete Matriarchy would look like where Men were valued over Women and Women were expected to sacrifice themselves and work themselves to death for Men with the intention of showing how insane feminist ideas about men and culture really are. The feminist took her to court and put her out of business so she legally CAN'T continue her comic (because Canada). I was lucky to get the issues that did come out. I got Raz0r's Pulp and will be pre-ordering the second one, but seeing Eric succeed beyond all our wildest dreams almost brings a tear to my eye. After having witnessed others trying literally the exact same thing and be crushed when they did NOTHING WRONG and were absolutely in the right to make it and make it for the reasons they were making it for it's so satisfying to see someone finally give these fucking assholes a cultural kick in the balls and a black eye. They've had it coming for years for what they did to creative people like Alison and many others.

  9. Hell I'm doing MY part, with my 700+ page total rewrite of D&D as a historical horror game! I saw this coming years ago, which is why I started the project THEN, an now 5 years later…I am nearly done with primary writing!

    Just have a Chapter and then a TON of pagination to go, lol.

  10. Oh yeah if you can't beat them join them I've decided I'm a non binary chicken, not even human anymore. There's a "woman" out there now claiming to be a non binary bird so why not 🤷‍♂️

  11. Trying to get a book published in the UK and every single (female) agent (which is the vast majority) is singing off the exact same hymn sheet.

    They mention some genres they are looking for, then they spend several sentences saying – in other words – "no white males. The more intersectional you are, the better"

    Its frustrating to have my art dismissed by dull-witted middle aged women with live laugh love signs and zero talent, purely because I'm not politically marketable

  12. I concur, which is why I’ve started a comic company as well. We are doing a manga as our first entry and we are already on our way to getting the first chapter done. Looking forward to sharing soon.

  13. Thank you for giving Arkhaven Comics a name drop. They have been quietly killing it these last couple of years without much support.

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