Don’t Expect Gas Prices to Come Down Anytime Soon…Cause That’s Clearly NOT Their Priority

They really want you to be forced to buy those GM Electric Vehicles, huh?

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  1. I'm still waiting for the EV 'BOATS', 'PLANES', 'TRAINS', 'Presidential SUV', 'ROCKETS',,,, etc.. you name it. funny how they want you to drive a EV car but they get to keep their planet killing machines.

  2. Just because you can afford electric doesn't mean normal fucking people can do it and for us that work in labor you gonna have a fucking electric bacco or skid steer how would that work using it ten hours a day?? It won't. Biden fucked up we have keystone sitting rotting un finished because he's an idiot that's why we're paying more because of the democrats there is no spinning it

  3. Make car and insurance payments that are over 1000 a month with inflation and raising costs of food and utilities and have to hire a moving company to move stuff because it cant be hauled with an electric car. And dont forget the extended warranty. Cant fix it yourself and cant afford it being in the shop when it breaks. Oh and student loans are due soon for white people. All others get theirs cancelled

  4. Why the fuck don't we just build trains? Or nuclear power plants? I care about the environment and its a shame to see constantly the real solutions being skirted in favor of keeping corporatism going.

  5. Their plan is clear, elites like them will be able to cruise around in expensive electric cars while we surfs get to walk or ride urine soaked public transit with crazy people.

  6. This is a lose lose scenario when you want everyone to have a electric vehicle. That means fossil fuel start to inflate even worst. I believe a coal power plant can produce more power than a windmill or a solar panel.

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