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  1. In my opinion people that are crazy other people in the audience. You have to be insane enough to jump if you voted for this man. Except the dead ones. Somebody needs to remind our great president not to jump out of Air Force One I’m sure, a lot

  2. ….. Okay now our team is all cultures and we have skill and ability they target us in education systems to make us look stupid not worthy of work later to make us single and them surrounded with women because skill and ability attracts women that and/or attractive features teaching robots to the rescue luckily you see what we been dealing with bro you want a teaching robot get advanced education at your own not expellable pace lmao seriously these guys smelling little kids making us suck

  3. I am a black American born and raised in NYC and I can tell you that diversity sucks! It's not the people,it's the POS white liberals and elites that pit poor people against each other while trying to blame white people that don't live anywhere near us. This liberal , commie , progressive POS are evil incarnate. I will never associate with these devils. Black MAGA

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