Don’t Let Politics Tear Apart Your Family

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  1. “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” At what point is a divide in belief so stark as to split a family?

    Of course this the same argument to have about when do you give up your family to the secret police?

  2. The best story of a teenager rebelling against his stupid leftist parents was when CNN’s Jake Tapper lamented that sometimes when his 15 yr old son is mad at him, he’ll call him “fake news.” 🤣🤣🤣
    Just imagining this kid going “Screw you, dad! You’re fake news! I wish Trump was my real dad!!” 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I turned my 5 year old daughter into a libertarian very quickly.

    No lectures. No discipline. No political discourse.

    I simply pay her to do chores and physically take 30% away and say the government take it and if I don't hand them their 30% we'll go to Prison (true in the real world).

    Oh she hates the government now. Calls them thieves and bullies, which of course, they are.

    All it took was me acting like government in front of a child and she realised immediately the issue.

  4. My mother is in her nineties. Father, whose politics changed from Democrat to Republican as he aged and his business grew, died about 8 years ago. My siblings, who are mostly in the entertainment industry, are leftist progressives and mother has become full-blow Marxist. My mother believes that it is unfair that wages might vary within the same job title; that experience and productivity should not be considered when setting someone's payrate. She also believes that Stock Markets should be eliminated as they are unfair to the poor and only benefit the rich. Never mind that Father's investments have her living in a luxury condo, set for the rest of her life, never having to worry about money ever again, she is convinced that her late husband, who provided all of it for her, was completely wrong and should not have invested a dime anywhere. This is what happens when folk listen to liberals to the exclusion of all others.

  5. my sister refuses to see me unless i get vaccinated she tries to talk to me with phones and stuff but i just tell her i don't wanna talk to someone who will cut me off for not getting vaccinated i hope she will change her mind and be willing to see me but I'm not holding my breath.

  6. Also kids face homelessness and physical violence from their parents who spew this “don’t let politics ruin my family” bullshit while forcing their politics on their family… it would be great if you guys stopped making people’s right to exist a political issue but you keep trying to erase folks so shitstorm it is

  7. Where do you get this B/S that "doz's + doz's are dropping dead on the field"? There was 1 reported case of this on m/s media.
    It's a bit of a stretch to suggest that all who won't believe/respect your views see you as wicked or evil and that it doesn't work the other way around as well!
    Most of what I can make out is that there are ppl. who will not recognize or accept the validity of any scientific facts (sure nothing is absolutely conclusive) but will accept ideas that are not well founded but who are articulate in delivering their tripe!

    There is abundant material out there to find the actual scientific evidence of medical and scientific discovery.
    There are also many not well credentialed (but well financed/supported by those with 'vested interests') individuals who deny the science and yet others that suggest that we are on the verge of becoming a 'zombie species' soon to be ruled by a 1 world govt. and yet another cohort that are determined to support and proliferate these misinformation's simply to get the 'likes/subscribers' or some monetary remunerations!

    The same goes for the political B/S that 76 million USA. citizens believe is true, there is ample evidence (court verdicts) to enlighten any who want to know the truth to know it, but they prefer to stay in their ignorent bubble because that is their adopted clan, to them the facts don't matter as long as they have each others' backs!

  8. Ah the debate about 'who wants open borders!' The right side constantly accuses the left of this when it's only a slight% of left wingers that would encourage that! Most do not! but it suits the right to scare the ppl. with that BS!
    But here's the thing, in the southern state borderlands of the USA it well known by border police that the agricultural sector there has always actively encouraged illegal border crossings, and more recently even engaged with ppl. smugglers to facilitate this, it's been going on for decades and is also why there is not a real effort in the USA. to deal with the problem or prevent this.
    Why you ask? well if you hide these ppl. and allow them to stay in the USA. they will pick your fruit practically for nothing! They are under the illusion that the longer they are in the USA. the more chance they have of being allowed to stay forever.
    Look around, while Conservatives alarm you with their bogus claims of the lefts' desire to flood the country with unvetted immigrants, it is they who pass legislations allowing more workers from poor nations in Europe/Sth America or Asia into their countries who end up working under very dubious agreements/ conditions and pay scales, these are the virtual slaves that the Right wing brings in making it impossible for a native to get a job even if they wanted those jobs.

    I doubt any fact checking is needed! NO country would allow non citizens to vote, there is some more misinformed BS folks!

    Here's a fun fact for ya-all, in the USA even if you have been a citizen all your life, if you also happen to have spent even a short time in prison, you will NEVER be allowed to vote again! This is a right wing ploy aimed at reducing the non white vote because a much higher% of blacks end up in prison for very minor offences!

  9. What nonsense! This is the exact opposite the ballots proved Trump lost the election the Rep. said it was a lie, the right said that Covid was fake, medical science shows it is real and dangerous, the Right want's you to believe there's a leftist/globalist agenda, when in actuality it is simply the Conservatives and their Multinational Corperate non-human backers that use this to confuse you and immobilize the opposition you might give should you come realize that their agenda is to lower incomes for ppl. worldwide and control the world's economies and Govts. If there is to be a 1 world Govt it will be controlled by these mega corporates not any leftists.

  10. As the Prophet Isaiah said, "The hearts of the fathers must turn turn to the sons. And the hearts of the sons must turn to the fathers. Lest all be burned at his coming."

    The more I see what leftism is doing the more I think I hear horsemen

  11. Guessing it's someone, 80, living off of some sort of inheritance, made a completely irrelevant life & now is trying to be relevant by changing her will completing her irrelevancy.
    Must be a trust, 'cause she didn't spend it all.

  12. Everyone on the left is a despicable person and I no longer want to share the same country with them. They absolutely 100% need to leave to california or NY and stay there. We can NO LONGER share the same nation with them. They are the enemy, and they must be removed. We keep the military an the reigns of government, ALL left wing politicians, judges, etc, must be removed by force and sent far, far away, and kept out of our country by military force. EVERY SINGLE democrat voter must leave, and be kept out by military force.

  13. For year the media propagandised kids to rebel against their parents.

    Well, the first generation became degenerates and they had kids, who in order to rebel against degeneracy return the old ways of civility and real virtue.

  14. But you missed the best bit, that she advised not to disinherit your children because you are angry with them, do it because they are bad people and do terrible harm !!!

  15. This woman should be proud her daughters have lives and opinions of their own, she obviously wants to control them, now threatening to disinherit them is going to lead to her being very lonely. I often disagree with my kids and it can get quite heated but ultimately we have a right to our own beliefs and opinions it doesn’t make any of us bad people and I love and respect them.

  16. "The horse bleep that Joe Rogan took". ….. That just made me super more interested in learning about the story even though I already know what was *bleep*ed. …….. omg I am a sinner and may Jesus redeem my mental image.

  17. The fact that Carl's sister supports Jeremy Corbynn is actually pretty cool because in spite of that they still get along. My family are insufferable, evil right wingers and I hate them and have basically disowned them.

  18. I can't believe I'm finally saying this but podcast of the lotus eater said something that I found grossly offensive.
    You cannot compare the mainstream media to tobacco salesman! My tobacco salesman makes me happy! He brings peace and joy to hard-working men, and is an active member of the community. The media does nothing but lie and divide.

  19. anybody stupid enough to be a leftist at this point cannot be saved and will end up murdering you or ruining your life. so its best if you cut all ties with them immediately

  20. My older brother disowned me in 2017, after I stopped calling myself a feminist, questioned trans identities, and became a (massive) fan of Jordan Peterson. I haven’t heard from him since August 2020, and I stopped reaching out in November 2020. He doesn’t know he’s an uncle now. It’s sad to say, but on some level, I knew it could happen. Even when I was a purple-haired feminist, I knew that if I didn’t tow the line, he would eventually turn on me. I knew he could, I just didn’t think that he would do it in the way that he did. I stopped reaching out so as not to keep tormenting myself emotionally, but I do miss my brother. Or at least I miss the person I thought he was.

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