Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling, Keep the Government Shut Down til 2024

Screw em.


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  1. You should make an analysis of occult powers of the free market. It has magical powers of straightening all the economical faults, according to A. Smith who is a God of college economics.

  2. I will go you one better Styxx and say cancel the majority of the debt and dare any nation that has a problem with it to physically do something about it. Offer to cancel their debts in return as that too would limit the risk of war. Then go back to the gold standard. That way the value of the dollar returns to being backed by hard currency and the idea of going over budget in the name of unprofitable federal programs will lessen even under the most reckless political spenders.

    After all you can't spend money on new crap programs when you are forced to work with a budget you can no longer arbitrarily increase at a moment's notice. Also no new emigration unless it is 100% legal for 5 years. This includes amnesty for war and natural disaster. The reason is because we just don't have the money to keep funding expansion of the population at the radical rate we are going. This would be even more so the case with such a return as above.

  3. The funny circular logic of the government is amazing. Think about the logic of needing to raise taxes to pay for the government to monitor that you are paying taxes so they raise more taxes. It’s like what? Why?

  4. Didn’t Rand Paul just say we budgeted $800,000 for a natural gas station in Afghanistan but because of the incompetent management the cost raised $ 84 million! Why should I ever trust the government to not screw it all up.

  5. if you actually think 2024 will be fair and free of fraud, you never really believed there was fraud in the 2020 election. you are therefore part of the problem and blatantly anti-american, being just as bad as the democrats, ccp, and former italian prime minister who admitted to stealing our election before resigning

  6. Someone get styx to address the overrepresentation of a certian minority group in the media news movies papers mag etc the 13.5 precent is shown that you would think they are 50% of the population if this continues up to elections brainwashed people will think their vote was stolen.medis in america is doing its best to divide us.

  7. What's funny is this CAN'T continue & these twats are hellbent on destroying the dollar beyond repair. Either way they win in the decimation of the economy in what it was & what they hope for it to be with this "new reset" they've been touting about for some time now.

    As always we're going to be left holding the bag in the end…..

  8. Hey, keyword monkey. Whis debt and hows providing the credit? Its all BS,faux infkation to have the serfs feedmthe established scum on youtube and tweeter gramer verse. Oh so amazon wont let you eat unless you tweet positive thoughts. Oh what a dump.

  9. I seriously fucking think that we need an official government shut down. One week. Just one fucking week, 7 days, of no American government. Even 3 or 4 days. Do it as a holiday bullshit thing, but just shut it all down. Turn their power off. Fuck it. All. Burn the flag or worship it, who cares. Just no politics on the general public for a couple days, goddamnit.

  10. Can we stop paying taxes too? The government has failed in every capacity to secure our freedoms, provide social order, and protect us nationally. Give one good reason as to why we should pay, when they fail at everything they do.

  11. That's fine for you to say styx but millions of Americans are on disability and depend on the Government ( and about 50% of those people like my parents deserve to be, they both have issues that make it impossible to work so the shutdown could leave a lot of people homeless ,a lot of older people my poor parents and me included would end up homeless during the winter. …ya that's not a good take man :/ I agree with you 99% of the time but not on this

  12. How high can they raise the debt ceiling before the dollar has no value?

    They maintain the budgets for all these departments and programs by spending every penny (lobster and champagne flights to PR to see Hamilton) before the fiscal year ends so the money can't be rolled over or put back into the Treasury, and it qualifies for either the same buget or an increase.

    It's a scam, a pyramid scheme, and people like Pelosi and Schumer have been profiting from it for decades!

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