Don’t Read Too Much into the Very Limited Early Voting Results we Have


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  1. Does anybody actually believe Biden is ahead by 10 points everywhere? And trump should not give up Michigan. Whitmer has been terrible for dems. Republicans need to stop giving up on Michigan. No way Dems increased support in Michigan from last election.

  2. I think the polls are just as fake as the media. I have been brainwashed and fooled my whole life by the media and am really excited to vote Republican for the first time. I am even trying to persuade my family and friends to vote for Trump. I just hope these fake polls don't demoralize his voters and instead fire people up. The fake news is the Democratic party and is the greatest enemy to freedom of thought.

  3. What happens if a Republican who usually votes in person has their mail in vote stolen, filled in for Biden and is sent in early.
    When that person turns up to vote in person, will they be disenfranchised? Turned away as records show that they've already voted. Or worse, arrested for trying to vote twice?

  4. Keep in mind a substantial amount of registered DEMOCRATS could be voting for Trump, especially in states that have closed primaries like NC. I am a registered Democrat because I had to be to vote in my state's closed primary in 2016 (Yeah I was a Bernout then) and I never bothered to switch to unaffiliated or Republican once I began supporting Trump. There are a few of us out there.

  5. After 2016 no one believes polls.. Look at Bidens so-called rallies. There are LOW numbers under 100. Trump has tens of thousands!!! Everyone go to the polls!!! Dems want to steal this election!!!!

  6. I will just wait till election night. That's the only poll that matters. Also Trump may end up doing better with the vote by mail cause I would think the people most likely to vote by mail would be older people scared of China virus. Older people tend to vote Republican by quite a large majority. I don't see anyone 60+ voting for Biden in any sizable amount.

  7. The fact that this is even close is evidence of how dumb our people are. Nobody can think for themselves. Humans are a primitive life form with great engineering skills and thats it.

  8. A co-worker signed up for early voting vote by mail. 2 times as a Republican never heard a thing or received anything in the mail. Did it again as an independent got it the next day. Im in Broward county FL by the way.

  9. I am not in favor of states releasing early voting mail-in results, just like broadcast networks should not report results until polls close on election day as it may inhibit people in voting in elections already supposedly won.

  10. The fact that all of this is still up in the air and undecided just goes to show how effective the media and academic brainwashing has been.

    If people were smart, Trump would win every state and get 95%of the popular vote, save for the idiot commies against him. But no, it's going to be far lower, because the general public is completely brain-dead and inept.

  11. There shouldn’t be early voting data. The rest of the west manage to do all their voting, on one day, with ID, with absentee ballots arriving in advance, and the winner announced at the end.
    It’s not rocket science.
    Even the U.K. who famously don’t have ID cards manage this.
    Any corruption almost invariably revolves around absentee/postal ballots – for obvious reasons.

  12. This isn't Trump v Biden this upcoming election. No, this is Trump v the establishment. The entire media have been in campaign mode against Trump, and people have been willing participants in betraying their country and its values. I've said this years ago, but i think it will be the people themselves who decide whether America and the western civilization falls or not. America has always been that guiding light, for better or worse. What happens over there impacts everyone.

  13. I really do feel like that if Trump loses this election it is rigged, I Biden has no enthusiasm, he can't get more than 100 people to show up to hear him speak.

  14. Also, keep most of your predictions in check please. I am reminded of how you didn’t accurately predict recent election outcomes, such as Iowa Dem caucus and CA-25 special outcome.

  15. I don’t think that Trump is going to win Minnesota and I agree I don’t think he’s going to win Michigan. His target should be Pennsylvania and secondary target Wisconsin.

  16. Seems like people have forgotten about the 2016 polls showing Hillary Clinton to be Trump at 99% right before the election. It's called "gaslighting", people… Don't worry about it.

  17. When it comes to my state, Michigan, Wayne county essentially chooses every election. Detroit and Grand Rapids might as well be the only places in Michigan, since those two cities dictate the rest of the state. Michigan is literally bright red, with the exception of a few blue bruises poisoning the water for the rest of us ?

  18. The unsolicited ballot I received from my former state of residence (NV) will not be returned…I will of course, be voting in person in FL…ya know,
    for Trump.

  19. A little hope…I am not saying Trump will win….but go out and vote…………………….From the link….Despite all the faulty polls showing a double-digit loss, I believe President Trump is on his way to a landslide electoral victory (slightly bigger than that in 2016). And I can prove it.

    First, this election looks like a carbon copy of 2016. Every poll back then showed Trump headed for disaster. But I had a secret weapon. I called it The Taxi Poll. My buddy drove a taxi in Las Vegas. Every person who got in her taxi was told, "I'm doing a poll. It's 100% confidential. I don't even know your name. So, tell me, who are you voting for?" The results were overwhelmingly for Trump. I knew then what was about to happen.
    Today, I have what I call The Truckers Poll. But it's not just my trucker fans; it's my fans who drive cross-country in their RVs. All of them report the same phenomenon. In Middle America, there are thousands and thousands of Trump lawn signs. But where are the Biden signs? There are almost none to be found.

    Folks, understand this: What polls say doesn't matter. What people say to pollsters doesn't matter. What matters is only the votes of people in a few key battleground states, in particular Florida and the Midwestern states of Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. My fans tell me these states are 100 percent Trump country. In small towns and outer suburbs, you can't find any support for Biden.

    It's 2016 squared. After what Trump has done for the U.S. economy and manufacturing jobs and to win the trade war with China, he is a hero. People may not tell that to pollsters, but Trump is "the king of the Midwest."

    But wait; there's more.

    The media quotes nonstop any poll that shows Trump losing by double digits. But I never heard a word about the Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll from this week that showed Trump beating Biden 46% to 45% and winning almost all battleground states by a healthy margin. That poll didn't oversample Democrats by a mile (as most other polls do) and polled only likely voters. Likely voters in battleground states are all that matter.
    Or the Poll Watch poll released this week that shows Trump winning nationally, in battleground states and in the Electoral College. Trump dominates on the two issues that matter to most Americans: the economy and law and order.

    Or have you heard that in the RealClearPolitics battleground average, Trump is slightly ahead of where he was at this time in 2016 (on his way to a victory over Hillary Clinton)?

    Most importantly, a new Gallup poll reports 56% of Americans say they are better off now under Trump than they were four years ago under then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden. Every expert knows what clinches elections — "It's the economy, stupid." A solid majority of Americans feel better off today than four years ago, despite COVID-19. You think they're voting for Biden? By the way, that 56% is the highest number in the history of Gallup asking, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Ronald Reagan got 44% in the Gallup poll and won the election in a landslide. Trump is at 56%.
    Still not convinced? Since primaries were born in 1912, no incumbent has ever lost the general election after receiving 75% or more of the votes from their party in the primaries. Trump received 94% of all cast in the 2020 Republican primaries.

    One more factor: Because of fear of COVID-19, Team Biden has hardly knocked on any doors in America. But Trump volunteers have knocked on over 20 million doors in battleground states. Twelve million to zero. You don't think that changes things on Election Day?

    By the way, Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris had an event in Arizona on Thursday. Eight people showed up.

  20. If it's NBC, consider that the Presstitute media has been shilling for Biden since before the Democrat primaries. So, why should they stop now? Any "results" will be heavily skewed towards the Left.