“Don’t Think The Chinese Would Lie To You?”: Sen. Kennedy Pushes Fauci On Gain-Of-Function Research

During a Senate Appropriations hearing on the NIH budget, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) questions Dr. Anthony Fauci about spending money on gain-of-function research in China and whether China is lying about their research.

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  1. Mr Kennedy with all due respect…IDK your credentials but you beat up on American scientists….no wonder Americans lad behind in the global world. Sad

  2. Get these crepes out of office the Democrats are killing us now they put ice and they're not renewing their contract We are all in trouble The United States is in trouble and your people are just sitting there talking and trying to accomplish something but I don't see anything getting accomplished You need to destroy the Democratic party You got to get them out the 11 people that are destroying America You got to get them out get them out of office they're not doing a damn thing for American people they're making us unsafe

  3. These doctors should be tried for treason, for lieing to the American public, the disgrace is in the lack of accountability, in America for all treasonous acts and actors,.