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A judge is expected to certify Purdue Pharmaceutical’s bankruptcy plan more than two decades after it began aggressively marketing OxyContin and more than 500,000 people died in the US as a result. Owners, the Sackler family, would be immune to future litigation.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Not that I agree with the theme of the video, but as far as the family not having to go bankrupt while the company did. My parents owned a small business and during the pandemic they were forced to claim bankruptcy and close their doors. By your logic do you mean to say that my parents who lost nearly everything they worked for half their life should have also had to lose their personal savings and then put themselves into bankruptcy on top of their little business? That seems right to you?

  2. The main thing your missing is the fact that we invaded the middle east (where the opium is grown) during this same time period and when soldiers came across Taliban owned poppy fields they didn't destroy them. They were paid to protect the opium. Then all of a sudden we have a huge influx of pills and heroin in the US. Allegedly Pat Tillman refused to guard poppy fields and that's why he died in a "friendly fire" incident

  3. It’s fucked up that the biggest drug dealers on the planet can just walk away from all the carnage. Bullshit. The S. Fam got to walk away from what they did to literally hundreds of thousands of people. Thanks for fuckin me over, as well as everyone else who is still suffering.

  4. NHS prescription – I was chemically castrated as a side effect of long term oxycodone use. "Opioid Endocrinopathy" is another serious problem that Big Pharma don't want the public to know about.

  5. My buddy who owns an MMA school got hurt in the ring and was prescribed Oxycontin. I moved to Thailand and came back 5 years later and he looked terrible. He look like he had aged 20 years. Luckily he got off of it but it tore him up with addiction for a long time.

  6. My question is, where is all that money from the settlement going? Is that going to any of the victims family's? Is it going to be spent building, staffing and maintaining rehabilitation centers for those in need?? Most likely these towns, county's and states will take it and use it for their interests.

  7. Power to you even on such a serious and in so many ways tragic matter you still gave me several good laughs 💪😄 btw my mother RIP 💙 was on Oxycodone or Oxynorm and Oxycontin (depot), she had a serious back illness and at least I helped here getting rid of other painkillers that wasn't good for her

  8. I'll tell you what it reminds me of those little buried articles that were saying saying things like. US troops regarding opium fields opium fields are being stripped by British and us troops and shipped back to the US. So it appears as though oil might have taken a backseat to opium as far as the war goes.

  9. Governments and toxic organisations always say – Lessons have been learned – when nothing of the sort is the case.
    Seems to be a phrase that writes off all one's responsibility.

  10. Yes indeed I certainly do concur with your thinking just as I am looking at a failed system as unwell.
    Recycled hand me down revitalized grievances for soulless purpose of those few in power to remain in power and the rest enslaved to unnecessary conditions.
    Whereas those with anxieties all the more stress; by way of methodical programming, and others to render themselves to "O' well, it is what it is" as acknowledged what's wrong and accepted it so as not to lose an imagined role in society "Wouldn't want to offend the arrogance of ignorance"
    Especially since they're occupying seats in which are vacant of rationality.
    Understanding this is a highly political world is understanding that seemingly random events are not as random as the general public are led to believe and just as most would much rather believe as a false sense of security.
    Conditioned to live in denial of self for a lifestyle as advertised takes on a lot of makeup and unwittingly buries one's innate potential for much more than this system hasn't the tolerance for.
    System would have people believe their nothing without the system just as the system exploits people as resources to maintain it's existence.
    Whenever a system excessively implements manipulation of it's people , it's a corrupt system.
    A system serving of it's own intersts, understands people as fuel is essential to keep it operational.
    And to insure this remains ever so clear is through the facade of importance as to the likes of being regarded for all that stands against the evils of the world whilst in the care of the devil's hands.
    People could stop the cycle by setting aside labels provided by the system's means of control and altogether simply refuse to participate in playing ring around a pyramid of self anointed superiors… or add ruins to an otherwise overcrowded sandbox of repeated mistakes.

  11. The unicorn 🦄 variant is another commoditization and monetization of our immune systems attempt… to get us all on a subscription plan by big pharma .. perverse economic incentives and corrupt politicians along with bad money have gotten us to this dark and frankly, evil place .. thanks bill gates

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