Doocy Owns Press Sec. So Bad That She Gets Trapped in Lie and Becomes Stuttering MESS

Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy just owned Biden’s Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre so bad that she trapped herself in a lie and became a stuttering MESS. WATCH MTG STUN Dems with “new facts” on Jan. 6:

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  1. “Putin’s Price Hike” – Don’t they realize that this term they absolutely love makes the USA sounds like a Putin’s little bit@h. It’s freaking ridiculous. She needs to put an apron on and stay home and bake cookies for her gay lover. She’s a disaster

  2. I work in hvac sales industry and I can tell you things are worse now more than ever. 2020 and part of 2021 were great except a few product shortages. The last 10 months or so, prices from vendors have skyrocketed and shortages are worse than ever. Small contractors are hurting and can’t last much longer in my area. They can claim strongest economy but nothing in everyday life coincides with that statement.

  3. High prices will affect peoples lives
    Oh really 😜 she is a real gem
    Just because democrats voted this 🤡 don't mean it's ok to destroy the US economy & peoples lives/lively hood
    She is the voice off nonsense & fabrication of lies

  4. We care about the USA. We do enough for illegals. So why don't the democrates that voted for the historic rescue plan that caused the historic crash give the money back to the USA taxpayers out of the money they skimmed off the top.

  5. Does anybody know by chance if it was only the democrats that voted the “build back America bill”? 🤣🤣. It was like there was a note that said, when in doubt, just repeat that over and over!! What a joke.

  6. I'm not experiencing this economic boom she's referring to.
    I m barely making it . I can't afford to replace my 93 Crown Vic that they say is done dealing. My greedy landlord sold the land my house was on.
    So now where am I moving with no vehicle?
    Rent here is insanely high. With all the realtor conglomerates buying single families ly housing and hoarding it . Basically insuring that people making $16 an hour can't have them .
    When the Uber rich have billions ,but cannot stop piling up more re and more , going to such drastic lengths to take in more and more but any means . For what ? Why do they desire to have more than they could ever spend?
    Why isn't it enough ? What drives them to do these awful things , just to have more of it?
    Did they check their net worth and say well I must keep hoarding it so nobody else can have it. Is that it ? Kind of like not sharing kindergartners.
    When the same suspects have their greedy fingers in every pocket,after a while they come off as lunatics that made all that money . Because t couldn't just relax and let people live .
    It's so short sided. To live sinfully your whole life here being greedy and unkind. If you would have been just a little less greedy you could have lived forever without the chains of this life , free to be happy and walk with God.

  7. The President isn't aware of anything… Also it was a plandemic thanks to the DNC and Fauci….. Biden has done nothing to help America. He has helped himself and and Demonrat politicians only. Biden has not had more can he have a plan as his brain mush…

  8. The worst press secretary in the history of our country. What an embarrassment she is in way over her head and her incompetence is intentional it’s disgusting get her out of there

  9. Biden is aware of nothing. The man needs to be replaced immediately. And those who try to defend him, can't seem to complete an honest answer. Doocy is sharper than any of them.

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