Doppy Dan scrapes the bottom of the barrel

You know they are desperate when they call you racist

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  1. Gee did we not here Mad Vlad Putiun use much the same speech to justify his invasion of Ukraine, whose President is actually Jewish. Dan Andrews and Vlad Putin, both mad Stalinist cohorts spouting the same Bullshit, who would think that. Time for Dan and his Stalinist Labor comrades to be shown the door and sent prison for crimes against humanity.

  2. gee all this from a stand over lieing bullshit artist that orders police to shoot and spray old women crawl back to your union mates grub you would not lie straight in a coffin

  3. When everything is going bad for you and your diabolical globalist Marxist agendas, simply label your opposition as racists, fascists and nazis and everything will be OK!

  4. Me thinks, he thinks he's in for a whipin', and now runnin' scared: as he should. Just a idiot backflipa, pollitishitonyou. It just never ends with these nuts, a public servant, no, a puppet yes, and a conscience and responsibility of my actions, no. Remember to vote for someone, but it is your 4 years of punishment and backflips, sorry about that chief, signed M. Smart.

  5. Dan Andrews call Liberals Racist after the tirade of hate slur against the unvaccinated that caused friends and neighbours to divide cause he said unvaccinated were the cause of Covid to keep going when that was completely untrue proved by science 😡

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