Dosing and weight limit anomaly on ivermectin TOGETHER trial (Alexandros Marinos & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret speaks with Alexandros Marinos, who has analyzed the TOGETHER trial, which aims to identify effective repurposed therapies to prevent the disease progression of COVID-19.

Alexandros is the Founder/CEO of & aspiring practical philosopher. Find him on:

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  1. And they summarily dismissed Dr Kory THE authority in congress, so fast forward to the future, Dr Malone is calling out THIS SAME group of bad players on trying to do an end run , getting Biden to bypass congress, to make a pact with the WHO …more control of world populations

  2. Weinstein's obsession with Ivermection has lost me. Maybe its a rather safe drug, but sewer systems of the world won't handle that many horse pills, and it isn't worth putting all that antiparasitic sodden crap down the drain with fairly effective vaccines readily available instead. Reasonable dissidence on one thing—woke excess–so easily creates a platform for the promotion of unreasonable horseshit in some other domain.

  3. The moment the FDA issued the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for these experimental vaccines (ie. 'treatments'), they were unable to formally acknowledge ANY existing treatments for Covid (according to the rules of the EUA itself). An EUA can ONLY be granted if there are NO KNOWN existing treatments. Therefore, the FDA had to deny all existing treatment possibilities, ignore them all, and not acknowledge any studies for same. Pfizer et al. are in control of our FDA…and the former FDA head is now a current major chairholder at Pfizer. His name is Dr. Gottlieb. You know this man, he was all over the mainstream media news promoting vaccines, and was always introduced not as "Current Pfizer Board Member", oh no, he was always introduced as "Former FDA Head". It was right in our faces and so many refused to see it because they were afraid, were put into a state of fear by the very same Fear Porn media that is sponsored by Pfizer et al.

  4. Uttar Pradesh: 224 million population,
    23,516 Covid-19 deaths
    United States:: 331 million population,
    1,000,013 deaths
    (May 20, 2022. Google Covid-19 News)
    How did an overcrowded impoverished Province 2/3 the size of The US have 40 times fewer Covid-19 deaths?
    They followed a plan that works.
    The US needs to change to a strategy that worked 40 times better than what we’ve been doing. Uttar Pradesh beat Delta in 3 months and has had a flat death curve since July 2021.

  5. Alexandros Marinos asks “Why?Why?” Simple shocking answer: “To k1ll in order to reduce the population to “protect the environment!” The Royals of England are also behind this devilish plot against humanity! A hell’s command! The Swamp in action! Wake up!

  6. Big Pharma should just ‘reinvent’ Ivermectin by adding one ingredient to the existing drug to make it into a ‘different’ drug that they can them patent as a new drug. Give it a new name and market it for COVID. Then they can make their damn money off of it instead of depriving everyone on earth of a potentially lifesaving treatment—simply because they can’t make a killing off of it.

  7. My husband is vaxxed and I'm not. I treated myself with quinine (similar to hydrochloriquine) and ivermectin and I recovered in a day and a half. He recovered in four days. He eats healthier than me and has a lower BMI than I. We both supplemented with Vitamin D.

  8. Every single vac study compromised the control group to hide the dangers. They literally give the control ANOTHER vac or the harmful ingredients of the vac … so they can say there was no difference in side effects. This is the game pharma plays. Pharma lies … that is not science … that is corruption and deception. Therefore, no one should take their products … due to their falsified studies. Every single vac does this trick. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE! Pharma is all lies ALL LIES! Pure snake oil. No wonder ppl who use pharma are all sick compared to ppl who take no pharma … like the Amish!

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