Double Speak : The art of gaslighting. Dan Andrews

What do you do when you have lost control of your State and hundreds of thousands of your voters protest against you?

You invent a fake victim narrative and accuse someone of ‘Double Speak’. That’s what you do!

Honestly, you would have to be dumber than dumb to fall for this two-cent parlour trick. It’s no surprise that our media have lapped up all the drivel that has oozed from The Chairman’s lips.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. Waiting with baited breath for the 15th either life goes back to normal (and any premise being a douche signs there own death warrant) or NYE starts early at Parliament House… gonna be something regardless.

  2. I’ve decided to embrace Andrews segregation. I run my paint and panel shop and I’ve stopped doing any work for Asians Blacks Muslims or Vaccinated people, it’s actually been a breath of fresh air, not dealing with idiots everyday. Thanks for opening my eyes to your hatred Dan Andrews, you’re a real stand up guy.

  3. I reckon I'm a pretty placid type of guy, but if I saw Dictator Dan on the other side of the street, I'd rush straight over with no questions asked and just lay a massive headbutt on the prick

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