Douglas Murray 2020 interview: Black Lives Matter, Rule Britannia, will Trump lose?

Douglas Murray is an author and journalist. His latest release is a paperback version of the Madness of Crowds, with a new chapter on the last year’s political developments.

He met Oli Dugmore at Tamesis Dock to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, Boris Johnson’s love for a culture war and who will win the US presidential election.

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  1. The person who wishes you well talks in principles.
    The person who wishes you ill talks of racial divides.
    Principles pertains to individuals.
    Racial divides pertain to race.
    The person who talks in principles sees "YOU."

  2. The lessons of Socialism/Communism/Fascism/Totalitarianism:
    there are human monsters out who want to rule over your …. and
    some want something for nothing; some want 'freebies.'

  3. Socialism is left.
    Communism is left.
    Fascism is left.
    Dictatorship is left.
    Totalitarianism is left.
    Nazism is left.
    Every social system is "left" of Capitalism.
    **'Far right' Nazism …. psycho babble logic.**

  4. FYI: America is at a turning point in history.
    Its doing a u-turn on "SOCIALISM". And yes,
    it is ugly. "SOCIALISM" IS UGLY.
    Socialism is a viscous intellectual virus on
    a free society. Trump2020!!

  5. George Floyd died of a heart attack, at the time of his death.
    Floyd was complaining of not being able to breathe ….. well
    before he was put to the ground …. there is video. The knee
    on his neck DID NOT KILL HIM: was the final the conclusion
    of the autopsy report. Keep up!!!

  6. Douglas is right. We are, unfortunately, in a civil war. The plurality of “liberals” do not believe in the fundamental tenants of the country. That is the most destructive ideology that is present.

  7. So every gay refugee should be able to come here, Douglas? I know that you would like that, but NO. People have to fix their own countries. Europe isn't just some oversized refugee-camp for people who can't be bothered to reform their own countries.


  9. Murray maintains a measured tone and calls for reason, which is admirable, but I've no idea how he concludes BLM faces no opposition, or believes that there aren't any people who think black lives don't matter, or that the Minnesota case wasn't tragic. The opposition is very vocal. The racism is quite often explicit. But even if it isn't, that doesn't preclude the existence of systemic prejudice and the tacit approval of it by its participants. Nor, for that matter, does the already extant police disciplinary issues dilute or disprove the prevalence of racism within its ranks.

  10. Joe let himself down at the last hurdle. Britain is xenophobic?! How insulting to an entire nation. Its a way to silence anyone who has any concerns about immigration (particularly illegal in this case).

    BTW I blame Tony Blair. For everything!

  11. As an American, this video is a God send. It gives me an outside view of what others see in us and it is well worth saying that we (Americans) should be paying attention because another country is worried about the cliff we are headed toward.

  12. I dare myself to contradict any of the points DM made here and to do so seriously.
    No, just kidding.
    I am sure he has his failings and in no small number, but DM is, as I see it, spot on with all his observations in this chat.
    Thank you, gentlemen.

  13. CoronaVirus Death Rate – Constantly we hear how marvellously Sweden has done, yet, and bizarrely, it is never mentioned that they have a total population of 10 million ONLY, despite being 190% the size of the UK. While here in the UK, London has 9.3 million! Our country is incredibly densely populated. With 57 million of its total 67 million; living in England AND 72% of that land over to agriculture and farming, an essential that needs to be protected; so we do not start to outsource for basic necessities. This means that 57 million people are crammed into a piece of land equal with Togo, in Africa, which supports only 8 million people.
    Meanwhile, one house every six minutes needs to be built to house the millions that have arrived in our country. It is numbers….that are the cause of our social problems; and numbers that caused the deaths of thousands of people to covid. Density death in a first world lifestyle.
    The only argument that could be used against this, is Pakistan……but it has been said, it is the underdevelopment of their millions that have saved them; simple work and then home, all in a very localised way, and likely help from rain and few large buildings so largely open air activity.

  14. thank you. Can Douglas be told, I listen to his voice today, to hear his calm appraisals; his wisdom among the storms of crazy. TBH since 2015 I have felt that if I imagine what should happen, I can almost invert it 180 degrees, to what will be pressed forward for by the mainstream. It is becoming increasingly frightening; especially the censorship of all other voices, and the successes in doing this. Douglas' voice of thoughtful kindness, I regularly need, on a deep level.

  15. I loved the fact he mentioned the Ruskies during WW2. 🙂 I wonder….could Douglas do a mini series on Russia. I am one of the plebs; I realise I know so little about them; and would love a [not too high brow] reading list; particularly of historically relevant novels. I love history, from all areas of the world. You know….to get me started x I agree a wholesome understanding is needed; anyone listening or learning history [from other areas of the world too] sees what is happening in Britain particularly as utter rubbish; yet some of our own stories are cringingly embarrassing…..most recent for me South/North Sudan; we need to demand integrity from our diplomats.

  16. Min. 54. Completely backing Douglas and Farage on this matter. ALL massive social problems in the UK are almost entirely due to indiscriminate mass immigration, lead by either the blind, complicit, ignorant of foreign cultures, or those who would choose to live in gated communities and can afford to do so and are part funded by the border abuses of the past two/three/four decades – i.e. Rupert Soames. [Churchill's possible bad/EU stance?]

  17. I listen to people like Murray, JB Peterson and the Weinsteins, and hear nothing but bright, open-minded and truly progressive individuals…always eager to listen and learn. And yet the supposed progressive left will not countenance even the idea of listening to them, never mind debating them. Normally one fights an idea with another idea, but if people aren't willing to listen to the second idea, what do you do? How do you defeat a brick wall except with demolition?