Douglas Murray Gives His Thoughts On Cancel Culture

From Modern Wisdom Podcast #219 | Douglas Murray | Permission To Think Differently.
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  1. fear wants to control … so cowards wants to control the most … if you wonder whey these loveless realities show up.
    jealousy for attention and likes , motivates the eradication of potential competitors, thats why twitter is a warzone , the best thing is to leave that battle field all together .

  2. I guess if you are a multi millionaire set for life like Rowling it is ok but that is a luxury. The average guy hussling kids and a mortgage, worst nightmare is to be cancelled even if it is by the minority of morons. The further society falls to pieces the quicker this cancel madness will end as it will have no other option. They always end up turning on themselves.

  3. I can't stand these people but I want their confidence. They know they're a minority, but they're so careless, over the top etc etc. meanwhile i spent my whole life trying to be invisible. I don't want that anymore. If a man with a p can claim he's a woman, i should be able to do w/e the f i want hahah

  4. One would like to think that the business and social world would fully understand that these little turps, hiding behind their computers, telling this company or that person that they are going to cancel their whatever, is nothing more a bunch of spineless snowflakes trying to control a world that they are afraid to actually step out into.

  5. Finally, I hear the voice of wisdom echoing what I have been thinking for quite some time. 500 people, out of a country of 350 million bitch about someone to a corporate conglomerate and get them fireds. Their numbers are at best, a fraction of a fraction of one percent, and yet they wield such power. No doubt it's intoxicating. The irony of it all is that these very same people are allowed to assault and insult anyone they please with the same bigoted rhetoric that they accuse others of (and they pay the penalty). There is an hierarchy of victimhood being established, even in the gay community, the gay white male is the "enemy" of the gay population, which is amazing.
    The saying that the meek shall inherit the earth does not go on to say what the so-called meek do when they "inherit" the earth. Most of the "victims" you hear about are actually people who have found a different to become the bully instead.

  6. Ich hab das meiste verstanden. Aber könnt ihr nicht manchmal etwas langsamer sprechen für nicht Englisch Muttersprachler? Dann kann man jeden Lacher verstehen, sorry. 😉

  7. I am in the position of life that I can tell the truth and cannot be cancelled by those idiots. My job is impervious to cancellation; I never look at social media so if social idiots want to cancel me, I'll never know or care! Please do cancel me, it's be a laugh for a moment. And there are so many people out there with my name the cancellation crowd will never find the REAL one.

  8. In my opinion, cancel culture is what those who live among us but who are not of us do to destroy our culture; their allies are useful idiots. Because they (those who envy and hate) are not part of our tribe, they do not know our song; neither do they care to; and when they do learn our song, it is not because of love or admiration, they learn it in order to shamelessly exploit us!

  9. They say in bad jokes the stupidest but most bravest and dangerous job on earth is to clear a minefield riding a pogo stick. That man is how Douglas seems to approach things but achieving this helps make you more significant in the eyes of others and I am proud he can do this. JK Rowling is lucky enough she can just ride over the minefield using a tank with a belly made from star trek shields powered by her money.

  10. I think your missing the point here, if you look at Rishi Sunak Wage latest support scheme whereby 75% of wages will be covered if there is another lock down. Then go to the Government website and check the your status to see if you qualify it says if you have worked and completed a Tax return on 2017–2018 and 2018-2019. Now if people lost there job because of cancel culture and couldn't get back into the industry again they lost out on support from July and the next six months, that's thousands of pounds and robbed people of there wealth based on peoples change of opinions or political views like BREXIT for example.

  11. Only the very rich, the comfortably retired or the very brave seem to be willing to tell the screeching Woke Stasi to bug off. I am lucky to be on the cusp of comfortable retirement.

  12. I don’t agree with everything from Douglas Murray but he does talk a lot of sense calmly and rationally . And he is not afraid to say what he thinks .

  13. I can’t imagine why you would want to have someone cancelled and have them lose their jobs because you don’t agree with what they think or say? It’s only an opinion they have, whether it’s right or wrong or you agree or disagree. I wouldn’t have any friends left if I agreed with everything they thought or said. A truly sad society we live in.