Douglas Murray Gives His Thoughts On Looting

From Modern Wisdom Podcast #219 | Douglas Murray | Permission To Think Differently.
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  1. I believe that when they have the opportunity to provide adequate maintenance doses of medication, psychiatrists choose not too for whatever reason citing ridiculous statements such as Well we’ve never had anyone on that high a dose which was literrally from a prescribing physician a short while ago . ACKNOWLEDGE the problem and AT LEAST PROVIDE THE ADEQUATE STIPULATED MAINTENANCE DOSE WITHOUT HAVING TO FORCE THE PATIENT/TO WANDER THROUGH A RAT MAZE OF PROCEDURES IN ORDER TO GET WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS. Do not wrap it in self-righteousness and the belief that the prescriber knows better how the patient feels than the patient feels themselves.

  2. Vicky Osterweil is deranged. The question is, did she receive any grants from the government to study and write the book which encourages criminal activities?

  3. The only reason why In Defense of Looting ever saw the light was its writer being trans. That's it. The premise is so stupid, ridiculous, contradictory and unrealistic, that I could give her the benefit of the doubt and classify it as parody. I could, but won't.

  4. The idea that it's ok to loot is malign and pernicious but has quite a long history . I think Hobsbawm came up with the theory that what he called "Social Banditry" was acceptable, even desirable as a means to right social wrongs and of course the legend of Robin Hood is centuries old.

  5. "..This was not illegal, (nothing was illegal since there were no longer laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death…"
    George Orwell, 1984

    The inner meaning of the Defund the Police movement is not to be rid of police per se, but ultimately to be rid of laws, so as to bring about a condition where "nothing is illegal".

  6. This is not a result of some stage of capitalism or lack of education (as you two suggest ), I was fed this vid by youtube, so I do not know the chaps, but at the very least, they partially have no clue what they are talking about. Indoctrination from education, is what is driving this bus, not sure how or why you two get online and talk about this shit, but if your interested in whats going on here in the US, you're not well informed. This is a 50yr long game by the left, coming to fruition…. none of this is organic,… these people have been programed in public schools and universities. You cant find a single " uneducated " person that is involved in this shit, this is owned by the " educated ", or as allot of like to call " indoctrinated ".

  7. Oh private property is evil, and like they say, where does she live? Honestly mean if she’s so against private property then we should relieve of that great evil.

  8. I believe in private property. The theft of it is "slavery" because it's the theft of the value provided to earn it and the portion of my life spent on creating that value. It is key to a respect for life. The theft of my time made me work for nothing and involuntarily turned me into a slave for that portion of my life. Contrary to that book looting is creating slavery. This is basically from the Philosophy Of Liberty. Thanks Ron Paul, and everyone.

  9. Strong Cities Network set up by Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD, started by Lord Weidenfeld) has allowed cities within the network to have "access to a global network of mayors and municipal-level policy-makers and practitioners" in Luton, Leicester, Derry/Londonderry, London, Manchester, Birmingham, to "combat an evolving set of community dynamics and extremism-related challenges".

  10. Douglas is being disingenuous when he says BLM want to abolish the police. What they really want to do is REPLACE the police. The whole branding of 'abolish the police' is terrible, because people literally just imagine lawless anarchy, no one to call if you get robbed, assaulted etc. If you were to poll Americans if they want the police abolished, only like 3% would say yes. If you were to ask them if we should switch to a police and prison similar to Norway (the most effective in the world, lowest recidivism rate) maybe like 67% would agree. The latter is what BLM are effectively fighting for. What BLM mean is that in order to achieve a system like Norway is that it would involve such a drastic overhaul that it is as good as smashing it all down and then building it back up again. Just pointing this out because I find it ironic how Murray is preaching about leftist activists being parochial and myopic, but doesn't even bother to do his research on what they are actually pushing for.

  11. Are these the same people that complain about "food deserts" and how their "neighborhoods don't have services" and that it's clearly racism that they suffer in this way?