Douglas Murray – Is Anti-White Racism Being Encouraged?

Douglas Murray explains why anti-white racism is allowed. Why is there a war on the west? What does Douglas Murray think about the interviews of Black Lives Matter founders in 2022? Does Douglas Murray think racism still exists?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. Yes. There’s nothing in this that reflects care or kindness. The aim by the globalists is to divide western capitalist society, weaken those they feel they can’t oppress or exploit, and grab power forever.

  2. For the most part, this is coming from WHITE Activists, Political Elites, and Media who are ALL majority White. All at a time when the demand for Racism is high…but the actual supply is very low.

  3. Depends white woman are in there golden age right now to say white woman the only woman every race will roll out the red carpet for as she lives the multicultural attention knowing full well white men tend to stay away from the coloured woman if anyone is pushing anti whiteness its white females and the obvious J.becuse think about it if you are a guy in a multicultural society and you’re the top priority race and all woman roll the carpet out for you but white woman run the border and can close it off at anytime would you support that.its more Darwinian than we think I don’t think white woman are oppressed if you’re part of the group that society cries for or has pity for that’s actually a symbol of status however if that same society will pity everyone else’s oppression but you’re one then yes you’re the scape it’s not just race but gender white woman have been very treacherous maybe it’s guilt for the fact that the first racists were infact white females who like the first female suffragette despised black slaves were more pro segregation because they did not want Latinos and blacks buying property next to them in fear of them and there kids being mugged and the fact that it’s always been white men who have freed minority groups and males in general

  4. Surely you must realise its because of your history. Also to say that racism only exists in small pockets and is not mainstream you are absolutely clueless about the adversities people of colour have to contend with on a daily basis. People like you have the power to impact real change because your voice is far reaching. It is not that difficult to imagine yourself being a part of a different race and actually trying to understand what that means, all it takes is a little courage and humility. God bless you.

  5. The left finds anti white racism virtuous, the left is ubiquitous in The West. From kindergartens, schools, universities, media, pop culture and what have you. Hence not only is it allowed, it's applauded, rewarded, encouraged…meanwhile generations of people are cruelly made to suffer.

  6. It’s actually white on white crime. One white person pretending to be a higher class, so in affect it’s still a dominance hierarchy. Humans will always strive to be above someone until the end of the world.

  7. Isn't it funny how we often define words – using words themselves
    So it's pretty clear that what they are doing is using a hell of a lot of complex language to redefine what "white" means in a specific context
    But this is a problem because they are going to the extremes of redefining language, they are doing it dishonestly, and attempting to do it without you realizing
    Because as soon as you learn that it's all just a game that loops back around to the purpose of redefining a word to gain power:
    It no longer gives them that power.

    Redefine all the words you want to, but do it transparently, with small changes that make sense. Do it naturally

    Unless you're actually just an evil scumbag. In that case you deserve to rot in hell, and i will help take you there if at all possible.

    Unless you have some mathematical formula that will balance the entire world in every context:
    The pursuit of equality is empty, and only creates space for evil

    The universe would balance itself if WE would stop stirring the pot and just let it work.

  8. In the last year to eighteen months on six separate occasions I have been spat in the direction of. In all instances by black women, black British women as far as I could tell. Walking along the pavement, minding my own business, they would engage me with eye contact, then very obviously spit on the floor as they passed by, clearly making some kind of point. My only explanation is that the area in which it happened, which is the area in which I have lived my entire life, has and is undergoing some form of gentrification. My appearance, being that I am white, middle aged and dress a certain way, I think gives the impression that I am an entitled, middle class, Barbour jacket, flat cap wearing individual, who is taking their area from them. Well, as they were all younger than me, I have been there considerably longer, and my parents were there before me, so fuck the lot of them. I will dress how I choose, and if appear to be comfortably off, it's because I fucking worked for it. So bollocks to the lot of you. Spitting? Says it all really, savages.

  9. Divide and conquer. Talking about the symptoms shouldn't take nearly as much air-time as talking about the root cause, who is behind all this and who stands to profit the most.

  10. When you open up Google when was the last time you saw a white person in the Google art? And every billboard or commercial for families it's always a black guy with the white woman. You Google white couples it's always black guy with the white woman and Google says oh that's just how people label their pictures that's not us doing that. And then there's the Border. The Democrats see each person crossing the border as a very likely vote for them so it may not be entirely malicious but it's an interesting thing when you back out and look at the global picture. What group of people have on the planet have given away their homelands to our foreign brothers and sisters? Who practices diversity? Do you see a lot of people from India and China in Argentina? Do you see a lot of blacks and Hispanics in China? How about the Middle East do we see a lot of Eastern Europeans being welcomed into the Middle East? If Global diversity is such a virtue why isn't it being practiced on the large-scale? You could sum up the attitude of many of the minority ethnic groups in the United States with the following statement. Thanks for building the safest strongest and wealthiest country in the history of the world and we hate you for it.

  11. It will just build a lot of resentment which when a fall in living standards in the west will occur. People will have no more patience and a real cyclone will envelop it.

  12. By encouraging white people to be racist against themselves, and encouraging anti white racism in general legitimises the idea that some races and ethnicities a better or worse than others which will lead eventually to white people to revisit the the idea that maybe they are better than other races and to have open discussions about race and iq or race crime stats, in my opinion if you don’t like racism then don’t be racist.

  13. There is no white person in existence who has ever practiced slavery. In fact, even back in slavery times, over 97% of white people did not own slaves, so over 97% of white people (that's almost all white people – for dumb anti-white racists who can't do math) are automatically discarded from the stupid idea that somehow they owe something to blacks for slavery over 200 years ago. And even the other 3% – They are long dead and buried so I'm afraid you can't charge them either. If I was born with a chest of money gained at the cost of black people, I haven't noticed it. Maybe the nurse took it from me when I was in the nursery… Anyways, I swear I never laid eyes on it. And guess what? There are also no black person in existence who was a slave. And I didn't see any former slave some 200 years ago asking for reparations so I'm afraid that ship has sailed long ago, and no one owes anyone shit in present day because, as I already said, we were all born free people. They were born free men/women and had just as many chances (if not more, considering all that "positive" (read anti-white) discrimination stuff than white people in the same situations have been victims of. This reparations thing is a fraud and a scam. Also, curiously, the first slave owner in the US was black, and the first slaves in the US were white (Irish). And who actually captured and sold slaves to white people? Who actually turned them from free people into slaves? Well, other African black people did. Should American blacks take a trip to Africa to demand reparations to their brothers as well? How many millions of black slaves are in Africa right now? These anti-white racists don't seem to care much about all the blacks who are victims of slavery in Africa right now? Why do you think this is? Is there a chance that the only reason they are going after whites is that they are just hateful racists who just hate white people? Do you see any Irish guys going around asking for reparations to other modern white people for the times that they were enslaved in the US? Do you see Irish people using the fact that they were once, over one hundred years ago, enslaved as a lame excuse for low achievement? Do these white-hating dummies really believe blacks are the only people who start out their lives without a hefty inheritance from their parents and do they honestly believe that, it's because there were slaves over 200 years ago? What happened to the American dream? I thought America was the country of fast opportunities, where people could quickly achieve success from nothing. Are you telling me 200 years is not enough time to achieve success? Over 4 generations, or do you, like me, also see through the demented, hateful, venomous and nonsensical pseudo "logic" of these braindead white-hating racists?

  14. Douglas Murray is 100% correct here. I'm black and the idea of "white fragility" is disgusting. Robin D'Angelo is making boatloads of money, Kendi too, by guilting people. It's gross and I fear what the backlash to all of this will look like.

  15. The argument is lost on the Right when one continually lists the real or perceived sins of the past. The Left never speaks this way and Murray’s words are not fighting words.
    Conservatives are obsessed with ‘niceness’ and wars can’t be waged or won when cowardice is the centerpiece of the response to an attack.
    Incidentally, Western Culture was not ‘White dominated’. It was, and is, a White European creation.
    Utilization of anything created by Whites by any other group should be considered ‘cultural appropriation’.

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