Douglas Murray: Why conservatives will win the war on the West

There is a war on the West. It is being fought by Western revolutionaries aimed at destroying our civilisation, and our past. It is a war we can and will win. To discuss his book, The War on The West, Douglas Murray joins Steven Edginton in the latest Off Script podcast. Watch the full episode above or listen on your podcast app by searching “Off Script”.

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  1. What sort of out of touch bubble do people in the Telegraph live in?

    No one gives a f@#£ about your stupid culture warrs it's made up its junk your living in lala land

  2. The war on the West is designed to demoralize all age groups and demographics… to destroy youth through guilt and the notion global warming is destroying their future rendering them inert as a cultural group devoid of any ambitions to craft a future worth living in. Not that complicated. Critical theory has been around a long time as a means of destroying society through incessant criticism. Can't rebuild a socialist future until the existing culture is effectively destroyed.

  3. Diversity was a strength when America was a developing nation. At that time, there was no American culture. Diversity was a strength ONLY because the people of many different cultures were willing to blend their own culture with others. They were willing to accept other cultures for the strengths they could offer to the final product – the American culture. Without that willingness to blend, there would be no American culture. Today, the blending has been completed a very long time ago. Those who say "Diversity is a strength" are either virtue-signaling or self-promoting. The truth is perfectly clear. In a culture that has been developed/defined for over 2 centuries, diversity has only one thing to offer – conflict. When slavery was abolished, diversity was instantly created and the conflict goes on today. Repairations is a true sign of ungratefulness. Who decided/voted to abolish slavery? White men. Most Americans who are descendants of Europeans (most white Americans) are of ancestors who came here after the Civil War; after slavery was abolished. As many as 80% in fact. Before the civil war, it has been estimated 5% of American families had slaves. So 5% of 20% of Americans today are from families who had slaves. That does not account for entire families who were killed in the war. So who owes repairations? Now consider that Africa still has slaves today. Slaves that were born into slavery. Most black Americans here today can thank slavery their being born here, as opposed to possibly being born into slavery in Africa. So it's hard to say they're owed any more than they owe. Nobody owes anybody for slavery. That does not mean I think slavery was good. I don't. 12.5 million slaves were taken from Africa during the Atlantic slave trade days. Approximately 400,000 were brought here. 2.5 million died on the boats. Most of them went to Brazil and countries in that region.
    Slavery has always existed and always will, diversity is boot-licking to get votes, just like repairations and "woke" is nothing more than the past tense of the verb "wake."

  4. This is a distraction, they're going to bring in digital IDs and money, doesn't matter where your opinion falls in the culture war. And what about the experimental gene therapies?!

  5. bitcoin will end the left. New financial system they can't fund the sick left wing agenda if they haven't got the fiat ponzi scheme. Just buy bitcoin and wait

  6. Why are regular people not openly pushing back in great numbers? One word…"fear". The cultural revolutionaries and woke activists have conducted a very effective pyschological warfare campaign of terror against the general public. Cancel culture has been wielded very effectively as a weopon against people who do speak out. The average person looks at everthing and thinks "I don't like this, but if I speak out, these people are going to come after me and try to ruin my life." I would say the biggest fear is loss of employment for having the wrong political opinions. The average person really does take a significant risk not only to themselves but also to the welfare and safety of their families by speaking out.

    There are signs of people starting to push back, but it only seems to occur when it happens spontaneously and in large numbers when regular people get enraged about something specific (like parents pushing back against teaching critical race theory in schools.) The lone dissenting voice in the corporate workplace isn't likely to fare as well. It is about safety in numbers.

  7. There is a misunderstanding in this discussion of the tools developed by the communists and applied now by the woke – terms such as ‘diversity’ are not genuine – they are simply clubs that are convenient tools to subjugate. They do not celebrate diversity and include (or listen to the views of), traditional Catholics, for example. These terms are deliberately oleaginous and eternally able to be applied to ever-changing situations. This is because they actually mean nothing. They are simply used with faux outrage and in circumstances of “point and shriek”. They are mechanisms of intimidation. Douglas Murray is dealing with the absolute surrender of all the institutions to wokeness but attributes a genuine motivation to the people involved. People do not universally arrive at complicated conclusions by individually addressing the issues – we see uniform censorship and propaganda by the media and this in conjunction with political movers. The BLM riots were highly organised and funded – they were not spontaneous grass roots uprisings. There were videos where people spoke about rioters being bussed in. There is organisation behind it and massive amounts of money. There was discussion as to the resilience of Hungary and Poland to it – but look at the reaction of the EU to these countries simply trying to preserve their culture- they were talking of imposing sanctions. These are not spontaneous or individual- they are organised.

  8. He failed to give one good example came out of the good white man civilization. Anti Western didn't come out of the thin air, this is an accumulation of the wrong doings the west still doing as we speak. Hate to the west has nothing to do with thier identity or race. Its about the corruption they are bringing to the world. This is just failed sugar coating for the killing and crimes the west has already committed.

  9. The left is so insane they are kicking out their own voters in mass. I was a leftie ten years ago.
    But Obama and the new left made it perfectly clear – straight white tax paying family having males don't belong.

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