Dr Aseem Malhotra joins Dan Wootton to discuss a new Covid study

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  1. Screw his education and credentials, the data has been there from a few weeks into the whole crime. I and millions of others saw this 3 years ago. I'm either cleverer than this bloke or know how the world works and have a better knowledge of history than him. Either way I must be cleverer than him….. Or he's perhaps he's covering his arse. Or he's being genuine in which case he should devote all his time to get this into the MSM and apologize to us unintelligent anti vaxx conspiracy theorists.

  2. What I found reckless was to have national governments providing financial/legal indemnity to the new injections given to millions with minimum time testing to analyse possible effects.
    National governments basically exposed their countries [for example, in the UK] to national bankruptcy.

  3. Vaccines in general do much more harm than good. They do not stop anything ,yet cause many problems short term and long term. We all had an adequate immune until they started injecting people over 60 yrs ago .

  4. So what this confirms is that xoerts can be wrong and millions of people with common sense can be right. How many over educated, under-worldly 'experts' will check themselves over this? Virtually zero. We are managed by mundane thinking people with important titles who assume a level of authority that they have not earned in reality.

  5. I’m sorry but arseholes like this didn’t give two fucks when it didn’t affect them, but then when it hits closer to home, they start spouting. Maybe he should’ve said something initially, instead of calling people “anti-vax”.

  6. This IS a pandemic of misinformation. I couldn’t agree more. The risks of the 💉 were never truly assessed. We knew early on who was most at risk from Covid-19 and ignored it. Furthermore, to call something safe with no long term studies immediately challenges someone’s “expertise”. To call it effective when you need constant boosters further deteriorates your so-called “expertise”. I’m still in the control group. Good luck to those who’ve chosen to participate in the experiment.

  7. Is there any particular check-up with a doctor we can have a year after the vaccine to make sure we're not at risk of heart problems and if we are get it sorted before it's too late?

  8. I smelled B.S. from day one from the WHO, the CDC, Tony Fraudchi, clueless doctors and said hellllll no and I made the right decision.
    I don't stay up at night wondering what that substance inside my body is doing to me.
    Don't trust those in power and you may end up ok, trust those in power and you are dead!

  9. I have been jabbed but now I know that we should not use the term "anti-vax" or "anti-vaxxers" derogatorily because those unvaxxed people have the right to choose what they want to be injected into their bodies. And many of them are still alive today. Plus, if people believe vaccines truly protect them, they should just let anti-vaxxers be. It is like if people want to go vegan, they can do so but no need to disparate meat-eaters and vice versa.

  10. MHRA spokesman = lies lies lies! Dr Mahotra = truth.. integrity and strength of character! To admit you’re wrong takes a self reflection and honesty that many just don’t have! We need leaders like this man.. brave enough to speak truth .. to have leaders with those qualities would see trickle down positive effects.. as opposed to the evil and corruption we currently have! Well done Dr Malhotra.. well done indeed.. and great work GB News as ever being the ONLY broadcaster here to speak truth!

  11. Hand yourself into the cops and say you were duped by seniors into causing crimes against humanity ? Give them the names !This is BS, we were screaming this 2 years ago ,

  12. Dan why don't you get Dr Mike Yeadon on your show and let the public hear what he has to say about the last 2+ years that the establishment and MSM have gone out of their way to silence

  13. Vaccines are NOT the greatest since sliced bread!! My life has been totally taken up and limited through dealing with the adverse effects to my baby vaccines in 1952. Natural has always been the best, I have just turned 71yrs, refuse to ever have another Pharmaceutical Product and have not touched vaccines in a decade now. I have seen unvaxxed children growing up with no need to see a doctor as they never become so ill their own body can't heal them. We have everything within us, providing we have access to clean food and water. STOP DRINKING FLUORIDATED WATER, it is a byproduct of the fertiliser industry!!

  14. I heard Dan Wootton making a very positive comment about Astrazeneca – it is also associated with severe neurological problems – being not for profit is unimportant to someone who ends up with some of the very serious neurological problems associated with it. Whether Pfizer causes cardiac problems or Astrazeneca causes neurological problems peoples lives can be ruined by these vaccines and to think that some countries mandated them giving people very little choice as to weather they wanted to take them or not.

  15. The emergency is over and we will learn even more now. There is more data available. Thank you Doctor for coming forward. It means a lot because people have lost faith in doctors.

  16. its injured way more than 1 in 800 , its took me 28 month to be able to go out cycling again, after getting poisoned on the arm and i noticed and ask myself were did all the fit healthy people go because before 2021no matter what day of week time day i would pass half a dozen joggers and twice as many cyclist on my runs ,now there's none never see any they all dead AF by look looks of it

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