Dr Aseem Malhotra Leads Calls for Immediate Suspension of C 19 Injections

I believe that this is a video that all medical professionals should watch. They all need to be skeptical of their institutions and look closely at the data that is the basis of conclusions giving them guidance.

The source video is here:

Dr. Malholtra is introduced at 11:15

Written by David Hilderman


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  1. Dr please help the world fo something about this . There are other professionals think the same but alone we are a deplantform voice ,together we are shaping change . Thank you for your work and involvement on this considered conspiracy theories.

  2. Malhotra fakes papers for his own gain. He’s been bought by the w.c.h who are funding this shite around the world. Malhotra has created his own journal so he can publish his own papers reviewed by his friends with the same agenda.

  3. Truth has no chance . Who ever is in charge of the game , make up the rules . Good Dr Malhotra
    is shaking the foundation of fake science that feeds many greedy individuals that work for their
    pay check . All dirty money over the years is buying the silence . Profit before truth and wellness.
    Dr. Malhotra is cut from different cloth . Respect ! Sydney AUST .

  4. These are both liars. Tess Lawrie has lied about ivermectin multiple times and made up the "World Council for Health" and includes people who think 5G causes COVID-19. Malhotra is also a cherry-picking liar. This is not worth watching for anyone.

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