Dr. Deborah Birx: We ‘OVERPLAYED’ Vaccines, I Knew They Would NOT Protect Against Infection

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Dr. Deborah Birx saying her team overplayed vaccines during her time as Donald Trump’s White House coronavirus response coordinator.

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  1. Yeah they lied to us!! The vaccine only "helped" for the original strain. Viruses mutate and lose their seriousness with each strain. Plus they have known for decades that masks don't work. There has been study after study proving that. This was to cause panic in order to institute more of our rights to be taken. Not to mention the study that just came out that the vaccines change the DNA, which they found in the liver. Social distancing doesn't work either, they knew that, it's made up!

  2. Kn95 and N95 are ineffective against respiratory viruses. Only an N100 mask which – rated for biological agents- will provide protection.

  3. When you were all warned you thought those who warned you were tin foil hat people.
    Now they force vaccine corporate entities own your country your freedoms have been removed for a surveillance state.
    World economic forum telling you to your face we have come out of the shadows you will own nothing and be happy, and still you pretend not to know what's going on.
    Western countries have failed themselves

  4. This convo without Kim Is truly insipid. The Bri take on it all is truly flabbergastingly empty headed. The whole oh yeah vaccines protect from serious deaths so it’s all good in the end does not address mandates that lead to lost jobs and deaths and heart damage and chronic sequelae. Bri. The 95 masks still have a 5 percent fail rate and the everyday person can’t afford to replace daily —which is needed. Finally. It’s the Omicold. For God sakes. We have all moved on

  5. it did not help against the first strain the strain had already mutated – are you telling news or selling another story

    i stopped watching the hill when it was this guy n the other guy DURING the pandemic because they were absolutely painful to watch. The only truthful chic on the show during that time had to make her own show – – these guys are still pushing masks during this segment as if they actually worked – then at the end of segment trying to walk it back…taking pages out of Tim Pool

    this segment realistically informed us of nothing – bk to (not interested)

  6. The common cold mutates every time it passes from one person to another. This is why there has never been a vaccine for the common cold

  7. Are you aware of the German study on serious side effects, establishing they are occurring at a conservative rate of one per 5000 per dose (not person)? This should be front and centre of this conversation.

  8. Read Robert F
    Kenndy's book, The Real Anthony Fauci. It's a best seller but you never hear about it.
    For those of us who knew this was all nonsense from the beginning, the book will be a recap. And, as someone who knew this was insanity, I was stunned by the profound effect reading about the last 2.5 years in chronological order had on me. Kenndy has been, for decades, and continues to be, a health hero.
    What continues to amaze me is how anybody with half a brain can, at this point, believe that there aren't nefarious forces at work.

  9. I'm 77 yes old didn't wear a mask never got the jab & NEVER had covid In our day we quarantined the sick not the well This was all for the one world order smh absolutely crazy over paid criminals

  10. The first step out of this overorwellian nightmare is to call things by their proper name: An experimental gene therapy an experimental gene therapy and a vaccination a vaccination.

    Goddamned liars and cowards.

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