Dr Fauci & Rand Paul EXPLODE In HEATED Argument

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Sen. Rand Paul said he plans to send a letter to the Justice Department regarding a criminal referral focused on Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Kentucky Republican insists Fauci, who is President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, lied to Congress about the National Institutes of Health funding gain-of-function research at a lab in Wuhan, China, the place where COVID-19 cases were first reported in 2019.

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Paul began his latest exchange with Fauci during a hearing on Tuesday by noting that under federal law, lying to Congress is a crime that is punishable with up to five years in prison.

Asked if he still believed Fauci lied and broke the law, Paul responded in the affirmative.

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  1. The problem is fouche is already admitted he doesn't know what he funded he doesn't know what the US government funded !. The lab could have been doing any research they wanted to do and they could have been doing any gain of function research they wanted to do and the US would not have known about it all they had were paper reports !. So yes in part by funding that lab they funded this virus bottom line !. And invoking Krystal Ball's name like she's an expert in the subjects lame !. Put on a side note I love Krystal ball !.

  2. Does funding gain of function research in the first place create culpability for its creation? We probably fund the lab find out we can do this, then have a private company make the bad ones while we teach them how it is done? I think the establishment of the US had it on hold and they released it in China to blurr the origin and to have ammo to take down Trump. Every election cycle has a new pandemic, it was just this time they ramped it up.

  3. No we did find the particular research that led to the covet pandemic !. Maybe unwittedly !. But we gave money to a lab to fund research that we weren't even sure what the research they were doing was and Dr fauci already admitted that !. He's already admitted that we only know what they told us we have no way of actually knowing what they were or were not doing !. And that yes they could have lied and reports they gave the US government they could have just lied !. And he admits there's no way we would know one way or the other !. So thank you Kyle you're trying to polish a turd !.

  4. I'll just say this. Between the two of these people, one who has spent 50yrs working in virology vs. the other who went to eyeball school and bailed on that to be a politician, in a debate about virology testing, I'll defer to the 50yr virologist

  5. They studied bat coronavirus in the region where it was most prevalent in viral reservoirs, such as bats. It's just pure geology that is making people think that this virus was lab made. It's very simple, they knew the virus could get into the human population from the bat reservoir, it was just a matter of time, so they built a lab that studied Corona Virus Disease – along with many other things, some of which the NIH funded, but most of which received funding from other sources – where they could catch bats and test for the virus that mutated and spread to the world.

  6. Lotta neolib feels in this comment. There’s a strong amount of evidence suggesting Fauci has been nefarious to a degree. Rand Paul has a PhD- he is not some dumb republican.

  7. kamala harris might have coof-D which she got from texas dems 3 democrat superspreaders who got vaccinated got infected with covid and spread it to everybody else on a plane and DC biden finally admits hyperinflation is going to hit and the economy is going downhill as wages stagnate and prices skyrocket it gets much worse for progs, 59% of liberals agree with Trump's policies and want libs/progs to adopt trump's policies. 😀 they know trump is too popular he beats desantis too cubans are protesting communist dictatorship in cuba Pennsylvania and arizona passes new voter ID and signature verification laws sending the dems/progs into massive panic radical leftists/progs sabotage dems for 2022 by pushing to defund the police. arizona passes new signature verification into election law destroying the dems/progs chances of cheating/fraud in elections ethan klein loses practically all his subscribers after Crowder exposes him as a coward in debates and liar. ok boomer girl/bernie girl admits she hates bernie sanders & AOC and loves capitalism Pelosi is freaking out dems/progs are scared of americanism & the american flag CNN gets desperate for viewers, they are eating bugs now with all kinds of diseases. the polls for nina use bernie math bernie gets caught as a fraud biden voters have massive regret now and want Trump back in office hahaha Biden/bernie has betrayed the progressives completely he'll not be dropping student loan debts ever & calls progs socialist. palestinians get caught attacking innocent jews. libs/progs shocked good guy with gun stops mass shooter from killing ppl thanks to 2A. Ron desantis exposes the neanderthal level of thinking of biden/bernie/progs don lemon has lost his show at CNN. his new job there will be toilet cleaner new study reveals AOC and the progs are a waste of a vote as they have done nothing their entire tenure. progs have been played & now look even more foolish. As Palestinians are exposed as frauds bwahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. No Rand Paul is actually 100% right !. Dr fauci is a not telling the truth piece of just like he's always been !. But I find funny is you haven't even brought up the mask mandate at the beginning of the pandemic when he said mask were completely unnecessary !. And then he said admittedly that he lied because he wanted masks to go to first responders in healthcare workers and he didn't want a shortage due to the general population trying to protect themselves from the virus !. Justifiable lying I guess !. How can you trust a damn thing this man says !.

  9. The government doesn't fund abortions but they fund planned parenthood that does majority of abortions. That's how Kyle sounds trying to defend Fauci because he can't agree with Rand Paul. Kyle is a hack.

  10. Kyle, the lab was there studying these corona viruses because of the huge bat populations with coronavirus present in them, and Wuhan is a gigantic city right nearby.

  11. This frustrates me. I’m not watching anything else about this. Writing this for myself. Anything that makes me agree with Rand Paul has to be eliminated from my life.

  12. BS. Fauci was absolutely lying. You mean to tell me that the Wuhan lab kept the grant money 100% segregated and didn’t spend a dime on any overhead or other expenses that generally benefited all the research they were doing, not just the US “approved” gain of function research? And even if the lab created financial documents that state this, then why did Fauci and the NIH use some shady ass middle man not for profit to funnel them the grant money in the first place, because that was Fauci’s first lie, he lied and said flat out the US didn’t fund anything in Wuhan, every time he’s questioned his story changes.

  13. You are almost correct, Kyle. "Manimal" was the name of a crime drama with a mild sci-fi element included, that lasted one season in the early 1980's. Apparently, Rand "The Lawnmower Man" Paul was one of the miniscule, but highly devoted, group of socially awkward people that were outraged at it's cancellation after the first season. If Rand had that same style of perm for a hairdo as a child in the early 80's, that would make it likely that my hypotheses is spot on…

  14. Rand is one of the only politicians actually pushing to expose literally the greatest scandal of our lifetime. I know you disagree ideologically with the guy, but how about having a spine and backing him up.

  15. Rand Paul's arguement is 100% on the level. He may be wrong but he's not bullshitting, he truly believes based on plenty of circumstancal evidence this was a bio attack with out going that far in actually saying.. I hate tribal politics if Trump and China were friends and the democrats were opposed to China it would be decided fact in a week it was a bioweapon spurred out by Trump's relationship with China. Dismissing China using a bioweapon who wants America to fall, they have complete disregard thier citizens well being, they have a history of "depopulation" eugenics type practices and leaning. Covid hit in the same week the new Trump China trade policies where to go in to effect and impeachment was failing. SAME week, China trade deal, failed impeachment, and first US Covid case and deaths…Trump and Pompeo was ramping up for a full economic attack against China…Trumps next election was that year….Come on, let's be real Kyle. There is nothing more plausible, it could have been an accident but the circumstances point towards bioweapon

  16. Manimal was actually a TV show in the 80s (short-lived) about a guy who could at will transform himself into certain animals to help the cops solve crimes. I know…stupid. But its true. But I was an easily entertained kid back then so – a guy who turns into animals??…I'm 10, of course I wanna watch it.

  17. Fauci and Daszak were annoyed that funding was cut for their per project which they were convinced that they would win Nobels so they lied about the nature of their outsourced experiments to keep the lucre from the NIH flowing to Shi Zhengli

  18. Ok, so Fauci/US only funded the lab, but not the part of the lab where the problem came from. Got it. We were funding other viruses that could have escaped, sounds great.

  19. It's obvious that someone has no idea what the fuck they are talking about and that they are over their head in the understanding of the science when Randy just keeps interrupting and repeats the same shit…good tactic to get the bottom of your nonsense…you father would be proud.

  20. Fauci's emails tell me that the good doctor is trying to cover his ass. Why is Fauci answering a question that Paul did not ask? Fauci is just dancing around the question.

  21. Rand Paul is not a virologist or communicable.disease specialist in any way. He's not even an accredited opthamologist until he created his own accreditation commission