Dr Frank’s Preliminary Analysis of Michigan’s Election Data

Dr Frank reviews the data that were presented today in the Antrim, Michigan case, prosecuted by Matt DePerno.


  1. I have screenshots of early voting results that showed Trump getting 50/50 mail in splits in the early mail in voting, but then Biden won ONLY on ELECTION NIGHT at 80-100% to 0-20% margins. I can send you these photos. Shoot me a DM. I have plenty of other proof of fraud saved including an hour long conference call with Maria Zack about foreign election interference. Matter of fact maybe I'll post the links in a Google file in a reply to my comment.

  2. ?? oh, this is going to get goooood… when is the further analysis coming?!?! I think I know where you are going and I can’t WAIT to see that data!
    Thank you for your work, analysis and explanation… this is crucial work.
    ?Everyone pay close attention to this?

  3. Judicial Watch followers know well that voter registration exceeds voter population in hundreds of counties nationwide- they have sued several states and won. That was point of mail-in ballot scheme- non-existent "extra" people automatically were mailed legal ballots, but who voted otherwise legal ballots sent to those non-existent people? As no ID is required in most states, we don't know for certain, yet…

  4. Dr. Frank, I tell students, scientifically, first slide should be hypothesis, followed by data analysis, then conclusions based on that analysis. Convince viwers with data, not opinion. Viewers, follow excellent Judicial Watch coverage and succesful legal actions on this topic.

  5. Great work Dr Frank. Post on Rumble ASAP if you haven't already. Digital brownshirts who patrol conservative sites will be reporting this to Google Commissars. Will be surprised this if it remains up for more than a week . Excuse will be the usual 'violating community standards' or 'misinformation' nonsense . The battle for truth is being fought at a granular level.

  6. We need to get rid of the governors of Ohio and Michigan (plus others) but they will win the election again next year because the fraud of 2020 will be repeated unless there is voting reform. There should be no voting machines, no voting by mail and and the voting rolls need to be cleaned up.

  7. Thank you for your work. Mr DePerno states that you have done a data analysis for Texas. As a resident of the great state, I'd be very interested in seeing or receiving that. Is it available somewhere online? Also, it is my understanding that you have now done the analysis for every county in Michigan, is that correct?

  8. I'm surprised the Utube Nazis haven't struck down your site. Great info. I hope it can be used to reform our elections across the country. Never trusted digital voting since it's inception. Too easy to cheat, and non-transparent. Thank you Dr. Frank for your hard work and patriotism.

  9. Ok, so what happened to the weighted ballot theory? Are they compatible or exclusive? This seems to explain how voter role cushions may have been exploited. What about states with clean voter roles?

  10. Have you tried correlating this data with the cyber data (the last 20 minutes of Mike’s first video) where they claim to know exactly how many votes were flipped? Also, your 6th-order polynomial model predicts ballots cast. Do you have an estimate on what percent of the harvested ballots went for Biden? If that could be shown to be a constant across counties, then that fact would be even more evidence of tampering. I would go one step further… Perhaps we might find that the percent of harvested ballots is a constant across state’s, which would be even more confirmation. I suspect that the harvested ballots for Biden is not 100%, to throw us off, but it must be very high and I bet it is constant across counties and states.

  11. Oh please please do Oregon, Washington and California!!! I’m telling you we have been forgotten but I believe with our “perfected” mail in voting for decades these states should be carefully examined and not cast off as lost. I’ve lived here my whole life and know almost NO dems, yet we are considered solidly blue! It’s always confused me until my eyes have been opened to the fraud. Someone help us!

  12. Hi Dr Frank I just watch u on Pete Santilli show & Mike Lindell I live in Uk Thanks you so much for ur knowledge on the election and analysing the data You are Amazing You Speak the truth God bless you plz Dnt give up the fight against evil We did not no where to look Now we do Thanks to You Sir.Plz Stay Safe ??

  13. This is terrific. I live in Florida, and we use the same voting system with the same machines as Michigan. Everyone says our election was honest, although I have had some misgivings. I usually work early voting, but they told me they didn't want me this time, and I have heard this happened to other people too. One of your slides shows an algorithmic key for Florida, which shocks me. Maybe they didn't want me working in the counting rooms because they knew I would call the sheriff on them. I will be waiting to see what more you have found out. Keep digging!

  14. Dr Frank I was watching another interview you did and the video is now not to be found. Can you post it on another platform? I am hoping your data will come to light soon!

  15. Thank you from Australia too. We appreciate your efforts as something strange happens out here too. It is awesome that you are sharing this out for us as information, that does not support the narrative, is getting harder and harder to come by.