Dr. John Campbell is one of Bret’s favorite’s COVID commentators (from Livestream Q&A #142)

Excess deaths over 5 years

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #142 (originally streamed live on Sep 17, 2022):


John Campbell clip about excess deaths:

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  1. We could get a better idea of how many excess deaths there are beyond C deaths, if we were just given a list of everyone who died and what their causes of death were and their personal statistics. When data is given to us in large brackets, it is easy to hide non-C deaths.

  2. The CDC in the US uses the 2015-2019 averages per week for expected deaths, but the two winters before C had very low flu death, so a lot of people would be expected to die in excess during the C timeframe, and these people were packed in the nursing homes in March of 2020, like kindling wood.

    I came up with my own metric; a reasonable upper expectation that is based on taking the year with the most deaths in 2015-2019 for each week, and by that metric, 2021 had about 3% more expected death than the CDC's baseline.

    Without even a baseline, though, you should be able to see signal in graphed trends. One website that graphs the US data very well and gives state and age brackets is usmortality daht kahm.

  3. Dr. Campbell is NOT a MD. He's a nurse educator with a PHD. I feel like that's deceptive. He's been VERY CAREFUL with what he says because he doesn't want his channel taken down. I feel like he's a sellout. I've watched him since the beginning.

  4. Even without covid some countries including the USA seemed to have reached #PeakLifeExpectancy. Covid has only exacerbated the position. Baby boomers may have the longest life expectancy of any generation with subsequent generations living shorter lives for many reasons.

  5. I was always a bit suspicious of Campbell at the beginning of the pandemic. His academic tick box style of questioning seemed to miss out a lot of obvious questions.
    He promoted his channel as a medical sceptic, yet he constantly soft pedalled the vaccine.
    The final straw for me was his interview with an Australian friend, who began by calling vaccine deniers, "terrible people".
    Sorry, but not a fan.

  6. I really appreciate Bret shouting out John Campbell for the exceptional work he has done keeping us informed about both the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2 and, in his own subtle way, the harm that has often resulted from public policies ostensibly intended to help protect us from the virus. Dr. Campbell and his YouTube channel are a wonderful resource for people interested in COVID-19, but also for other health matters.

  7. As long as you compare the same then 5 years is fine. It's to smooth out monthly or daily bumps. 5 is fine. In fact it would initially underestimate excess deaths so given it has risen is underestimating what is happening.

  8. Campbell was sold on the bogus vaccines for quite a while, and managed to compound this by encouraging "vaccination" to God knows how many , either by accident or design. Innocent folk who trusted him. Given the harm these injections caused millions I do not consider his opinions even valid. If he really was prevented by You Tube community guidelines from making more outspoken commentary later then he ought to have removed himself from the arena altogether and sought a different platform as many other academics have already done.

  9. Showed my smartest friend, who just so happens to be a doctor (and one that is very aware of problems with big pharma and vaccine expediency) one of Campbell's videos on excess deaths and she reacted right away with: "Its surprising to me that he doesn't offer a solution at all. Clearly a lot of people didn't check on hospitals when they were supposed to during the pandemic, and are now are way worse than they would've been. We're seeing that in the hospital everyday."

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