Dr John Campbell – You Need To Know This Now

Dr. John Campbell is a retired nurse educator who holds a Master of Science in health science and Ph.D. in nursing. He has come to prominence lately due to his YouTube channel that gained popularity during the pandemic. Audiences enjoy his content as he endeavours to present medical data that is often unaddressed in mainstream media in an objective and educational manner.

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. EVERYONE please watch this 6 part documentary on Netflix > ( How to become a tyrant ) you will totally understand why the current president and Trudeau say the things they say , when you know they are lying . And why they do what they do and why they have the people close to them around. And why the mainstream media is fake . It will all make sense out of all this nonsense. Just watch it .

  2. YES!! Have watched and appreciated Dr John Campbell since this whole thing started. A voice of reason, balanced and backs up everything he says clearly and concisely. Presents information truthfully without opinion.

  3. Hello, Mr. Brand. How much joking and teasing does someone with your surname have to put up with as you were growing up, going through school? Probably a “*lot’a much”, I’ll wager.
    I had my share of it, but I’m glad you made it through. I got my share and gave my share- right? Anyway, keep up the work you apparently are doing. I’ve only watched two of yer YouTube videos(this1 and one on J the babyfaced Trudux. I’d bet he’d like to “re-deau” his last few weeks of (probably not) politically death defying stupidity. Oh well… please pile on!
    I’ll check out yer podcast and Dr C’s also. Stay well.

  4. Near the end he makes life seem special and your existence totally against the odds but when you consider that all matter at the quantum level is in a superposition of all possible states that inevitably means that everything that could be conscious is conscious somewhere perhaps in another universe.

  5. Never underestimate the power of suggestion for without it propaganda would be useless and Advertising futile. The kicker is that neither needs be based in truth or fact as the subconscious mind is totally neutral and cares not nor judges what it is fed. Food for thought indeed Russell.
    Dr John Campbell is a very interesting and engaging speaker…He even managed to keep you subdued with his rhetoric. Which is no small achievement. ((-:

  6. I started watching Dr Campbell because he was pro jab and I wanted to watch people from both sides of the argument, pro and anti, to try and get to the truth. It's been fascinating to watch him analyse the science with his clear pro jab lens and move more and more to the opinion that these jabs are not as safe or effective as promoted. Same with the Dark Horse Podcast, they were also pro jab when all this started, now clearly anti jab (the current jabs anyway, hopefully they'll realise it's all jabs). I've been researching jabs for the last 10 years, so it's actually been a relief to see so many experts finally catch up with the very clear science and realise we've been lied to for a very long time about the safety and efficacy. Not one is either safe or effective.

  7. Not to be entirely trusted. This guy was hyping the covid scam in Australia when it wasn't even in the top 20 causes of death. Since when has a genuine pandemic not ventured into the main causes of death. More people were committing suicide than dying of covid when he claimed covid was rampant in Australia. A complete lie. Don't trust someone selling convid as a news story!

  8. I watch Dr John but he comes across biased to me a lot of the time. It’s hard to communicate facts when you have a bias. Making excuses for facts leaning a certain way bugs me. It’s not all the time but enough to bother me. It’s very subtle but it’s there.

  9. UPDATE… THE EMERGENCY HAS BEEN REVOKED ..BY 3 SENATORS.. but mass media broadcasted trudeau saying ,"after careful consideration…(cough cough ) …soy boy speaking as the Honorable Jean Chretien says "unlike other MPs I CANNOT SPEAK FROM BOTH SIDES OF MY MOUTH)…..anyway, I am posting the URL for you …….Senator Housakos gives POWERFUL speech against Emergencies Act ..I BELIEVE HE WAS THE FIRST TO SPEAK OUT………….
    then the following two………..STATEMENT: Sen. Simons' response to the Emergencies Act ……….Canadian Senator Dagenais Gives Excellent Speech Against Approving the Emergency Act ……………….

  10. How surreal, my two favourite youtubers in the one place. Dr John Campbell has long been my go to disseminator of unbiased science based information regarding the pandemic. Love both your work.

  11. ONE NAIL REMOVED OFF THE COFFIN OF MOTHER LIBERTY . STEP 2 – INVESTIGATE THE TAXPAYERS' FUNDED MEDIA FOR COMPLICITY AND COLLUSION…MISLEADING THE CANADIANS . Compare the publications and youtube releases of the independent creators (if possible , replace them for those who served trudeau's regime for failing with Journalism 101 ..OBJECTIVITY. and worse, failing to SERVE THE PEOPLE AND INFORM THE PEOPLE. Given they have destroyed many canadians livelihood with their CRASS MANIPULATION OF MASS MEDIA AND POLITICAL MAPPING…, they too should be given the pink slip. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF EXCELLENT REPORTING..YOU FIND THEM ALL HERE ON YOUTUBE. and the police and mayorty,etc..

  12. Vimeo and YouTube refused to allow a 9-minute video showing that the HIV ‘pandemic’ was caused by the then-Director of the WHO accepting “bribes” from Big Pharma; European countries had signed multi-millionaire contracts with Big Pharma for the next pandemic.

    However, the countries told Big Pharma that they would only honor these contracts if there is a “Level-6 pandemic by the WHO!

    A member of the UN Health Committee resigned from his UN Health Committee in protest; several others did as well.

    However, Vimeo and YouTube doesn’t want you to know the “truth” about the trial run for the Covid-19 “pandemic”!

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