Dr. Jordan Peterson Fights Back filing Judicial Review against College of Psychologists

Dr. Jordan Peterson will NOT be submitting to Re-Education training at the demands of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Rather, he will be taking them to court, saying that their attempt to punish him for his public statements is purely politically motivated.

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  1. I found the email for this group. I am emailing in support of Jordon Peterson and i hope others do too. As was said where does the stop once this process is started. Clients being told what think rather then being helped? It is very slippey slope that being created here. It has to stop here as well.

  2. Been listening to this fella for a few years and never heard the man say anything that I, personally would see as harmful in any way. Of course there will be those who will feel threatened by a look in the eye and simple hello.
    Best of luck Jordan.

  3. Yes, we have to protect and support him. If he ditch, we are all. I don't enjoy gross injustice by greed and stupid peoples run this false narrative. The college should support him all the ways possible and they don't. What is motivating you people's ? Your are a disgrace when you should be a beacon of intelligence. I as a self individual, I question your mental sanity. I hope you come to your rational senses quick. You done enough damages as it is. Good luck to you Dr.Peterson, I salute you.

  4. The college of psychologists are kissing TURDEAU's ass and Turdeau does not like what DR.Peterson is saying. You can no longer haver your own opinions or thoughts and share them publicly as TURDEAU will silence you.

  5. Dr Peterson "It's not immediately clear to me if I took your training course that it would correct my behavior but if my behavior is incorrect then it's so incorrect that it's underestimation of the problem, your classes are underestimation of the problem"

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  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Like, this IS exactly, precisely how the establishment accredited with the authority over something has ALWAYS treated the outlier in the field. Has nobody read like, anything, history, non-fiction, world-famous literally fiction, fables, stories from the bible like ANYTHING in the last 10 years or what haha unreal, how about movies? This shit happens to good guys in MARVEL fuckin movies dude haha!!! Like, mann…how on-the-nose this "Undertaking" by the license bureau is. Could NOT make them look worse if they were legit TRYING to sewer thrmselves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just incredible man lol

  8. Watch out Peterson, these Weasels have the "science" cooking, already…LOL

    JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association, an

    international peer-reviewed general medical journal).

    November 2, 2020- with the Titles/links:

    "SCIENCE DENIAL and COVID Conspiracy Theories

    Potential Neurological Mechanisms and Possible Responses"


    -"Psychoanalysis in combatting mass non-adherence to medical advice"


    The official Soviet psychiatric science came up with the definition

    of sluggish schizophrenia, a special form of the illness that supposedly

    affects only the person's social behavior, with no trace of other traits.

    -Is this the start of yet another re-education of "the people" locked in

    at a Psikhushka or a Gulag-facility…Are we all really just too Mental

    ill to understand the established "Science".

  9. Start calling Trudeau "blackface" when you say its name. Justin Trudeau is behind the attack on Jordan Peterson most likely. He is probably using Pfizer and moderna kickback bribery cash. If Jordan Peterson goes to re education camp then Justin Trudeau should go to one for being a racist hack who sends canadian tax dollars to notzi ukraine? Jordan will be the Julian Assange of Canada?

  10. I stand with Peterson and I sent a Detailed letter to the College challenging him to withdraw their action against him because they make more mistakes than he has ever done and he has done more for the profession then they have in decades.

  11. Dr. Peterson is a real and honest person who is being hit by the collage because TRUEDEAU is hiring people to file false claims with the collage . only because Dr. Petersons factual understanding of mental problems goes against the views if the Trudeau governments insanity . which i might add has nothing to do with the governments job description . they work for the people and have abused this position for far to long and must be taken to task . by the justice system that is supposed to be seperate from government and an ave. to correct government over reach and wrong doings. but as we seen in the last ten years the courts have been weaponized for government over reach and have in turn commited treason against the canadian people including Dr. Peterson.We shall See if they do the right thing in this case and stop this insane attack on not only Dr. Peterson but the Canadian people .stay on this story to the end and show the truth of what happens to Dr. Peterson . he is a real and honest man and does not deserve this witch hunt to be inflicted on him.

  12. I live in Ontario and wish I lived in Alberta. Ontario is a tyrannical harsh place to live…oh I just received another robo call with Dr Moore''s voice telling me to get my booster so I did what a good citizen would do. I hung up and blocked the number. FU Ontario….bad for people and super bad for the business of living.

  13. great job reporting this CDS, I stand with JP, he rightfully diagnosed JT and now Trudy wants to try and shut him up. I dont understand how anyone can still support JT, he is clearly a narcissistic lying leader, and he is not qualified to lead this country and never has been…I stand with you JP, you are an intelligent and free thinking Canadian and we need more people like you…

  14. It appears the over reach here by the cabal is straight out of Trudeau’s logic. Essentially the beatings will continue until moral improves as I understand it. Based on their approach, looks like the Canadian Junior Hockey Champions will be next in line for thought modifications…this entire thing smells like Trudeau’s motivation

  15. I'm glad he's fighting this. This is just Justin Trudeau and the Liberals trying to shut him up. If this isn't anything to do with what he's doing in his practice, with his patients, then they are again overreaching their authority. We saw this when they tried to silence doctors and scientists during the pandemic, threatening their medical licenses, jobs, and careers for having a differing opinion, also taking away their hospital privileges for giving certain treatments to their patients, despite the fact that those treatments weren't dangerous and were actually working. We saw this during the pandemic when the government took, or threatened to take, the business licenses or trucker licenses of the truckers at the freedom convoy protests. We see this in BC with the government trying to create laws to force doctors or nurses to take vaccines for them keep their medical licenses. It's all overreach, and everyone should be fighting this kind of tyranny and authoritarianism. Everyone should be allowed to speak their minds without fear, everyone should be allowed to support whatever political view they want, without fear of the government coming after them in some way. Everyone should have bodily autonomy, and be allowed to choose what treatments they want to take, or what treatments they don't want to take, without losing their jobs or having the government getting involved and pushing certain treatments on them. Doctors should also be allowed to do what they think is in the best interest of their patients, without the government getting involved. The government shouldn't be allowed to remove the licenses of people, especially if it's just because they disagree with them about political issues. This government overreach needs to be stopped, and everyone should be doing what's they can't to stop it.

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