Dr. Keith Berkowitz Discusses BA.5 Management Experience (July 13, 2022)

Dr. Keith Berkowitz Discusses BA.5 Management Experience (July 13, 2022)

Keith Wayne Berkowitz, M.D., is the Founder and Medical Director of the Center for Balanced Health. He combines expertise in both traditional and complementary medicine. Prior to starting the Center for Balanced Health, he was the Medical Director and Business Director of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. He was an associate of Dr. Robert C. Atkins since 1999.

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  1. My 87 year old dad is triple “vaxxed”. Has not had Covid that we know of. History of cardiac issues. But last few months has had shortness of breath. Cardiac and lung Tests keep coming back negative. Chest CT scan in 2 days. Thoughts?

  2. I’ve had Covid in March of 2020 and October 2021 and the last few allergy seasons have been a NIGHTMARE. I had a suspicion that this might be the reason.

  3. Great Videos on the BA.5 to disclose all this noise going around.

    My Girlfriend had tested positive in Jan 2022 with PCR Test, then Negative on 2 other tests,. I on the other hand tested '-' all 3 times but decided to take a Covid-19 Antibodies test along with her on Mar 17th and we both tested '+' with Antibodies levels of 2,499.99

    We live in Canada.

    As a reference, we were both vaccinated with Pfizer twice and had our Antibodies tested on Nov 17, 2021, 3rd dose on Dec 17, 2021.

    Infected between Dec 25 and Feb 6, not sure when

    Girlfriend is 70 and me 72.

    She had sinuses, headaches. All I had was a runny nose for 2 days.

    We were in Mexico Jan 16 to Feb 6. As we needed to haveca PCR test before we returned home, she tested Positive, I was Negative. We could not tracel back to Canada without a Negative PCR Test which we did, the following week

    We both just received the Novavax on Jun 29th.

    Can you please do a video on the Covid-19 Antibodies test, and how effective it is in catching these new Variants? It did catch what may have been BA.1

  4. I thought that the cdc even admitted that the pcr test is not accurate! Gives a lot of false positive or have it but test negative. I don’t understand pcr test is still being used. All doctor can do is treat the symptoms whether it is bacteria, viral, flu, sinus infection , pneumonia ect Of course CBC done to see

  5. Many of the people I know who had covid recently have the symptoms as both doctors mentioned: sore throat, cough, nasal congestions, may be fever for some. They usually got better within a week.

  6. Also I live in Georgia drs here will not prescribe ivermectin at all even asking for it. Another thing why take the vaccine and risk of side effects if not even showing that it truly anymore effective against. Dr here still pushing it saying you are risking everyone. So confusing to me.

  7. Doxycycline is a zinc ionosphore and antiviral and protects the lungs and is anti inflammatory should have been given to the at risk elderly on day 1 of symptoms…and VitD level below 25 ngml in the elderly is a huge negative outcome…… could have saved thousands months ago..

  8. Thank you doctors -at least YT is letting the truth come out. Now even the healthcare situation has different "realities" and "truths" . There is the real situation, as these decent and honest doctors are presenting and there is the delusional "reality" of FrAUdCI and mafia who keep pushing the envelope to keep profiting shamelessly,,,

  9. Yes he sounds like a good Doctor wish he was mine…. I called my dr because I had a bad sore throat few days, then weird weird ear pressure he wouldn’t call me in antibiotics . I’ve had that pressure for few weeks, I found medcine my mom had gave in and took it funny how my ears aren’t feeling bad today. After weeks and I’m not as congested.

  10. Very accurate Dr. I'm Unvacinated, in 60s. Tested positive for 10 days (first time even though had covid before) No temperature, head pressure, very sore throat and chesty after, cough. Uncomfortable but I felt safe. Just like the Dr said.

  11. This is great news. There are no doctors in my area that are like Dr. Berkowitz. I’m pretty much a unicorn. Unvaxxed, uninfected, immunocompromised due to autoimmune disease meds…I’m a dental hygienist…been working on patients throughout the whole pandemic. I do wear an N95 mask at work. I test once a week for the last year. All negative. I’ve gone to restaurants and the grocery store without a mask, even the DMV. I’m sure my luck will run out at some point. I would like to have access to a doctor like this when it’s my time. Being in California, is it possible to contact Dr. Berkowitz for care when I need it?

  12. Excellent debate of clinical observations by two doctors who genuinely have the interests of ALL patients in mind.

    For us non-scientists, this is highly illuminating and educational. Kudos to both doctor's, can we have some more discussions some time in the future please?🙏

  13. Australia here. BA5 for 15 days now. First Covid infection. Started with chills and cold symptoms, on 2nd day developed severe vertigo and vomiting, hospitalised for 24 hours. Vertigo gone by day 5. Fatigue for 15 days. Day 7 to Day 15 Sore throat, cough, congestion, headache, sore ears.

    Our Pharmacist also had severe vertigo with BA5.
    Thanks Dr Been.

  14. My boy 16 at the time, unvaccinated, caught covid delta in October last year and his taste and smell still hasn’t come back. He also was reinfected in April this year and still has no taste or smell. Is there any way of “curing” no taste or smell?

  15. For me it was a relatively minor progression with a tickle in the throat which soon left and a mild headache that built up.. I never got a runny nose or phlegm, BUT that long lasting headache was severe, and one sided. I tested positive for 11 days. The symptoms lasted 6. By now, with so many individual mutations we must all have our own variant 🙂

  16. I have many of the markers you've discussed and the explanations I'm getting are so insufficient I'm not going to say most of them because you wouldn't believe me, (one being I should see a psychiatrist). Even after sinus tachycardia, elevated troponin, high blood pressure, neurological issues, serious gastrointestinal issues, elevated liver enzymes, possibly 100 angiolipomas appearing, enlarged lymphomas, hepatitus, Epstein barr virus, and severe abdominal pain not one of the 10 doctors I've been to have said it's even a remote possibility these are related to vaccination. Before getting vaccinated at 40 years old I was in perfect health. I wish I could find a doctor of your caliber in the seattle area. You'd think with all the medical research going on here there would be one. Esp in the swedish network which I go to.

  17. Thank you Drs, for your courage and info. I'm 83yrs, unvaxx got c.19 May 4th 2022. Never knew anyone personally who had c.19. Never stopped hugging familyand friends. Follow rdcommended, Vitamins. D. K 2 magnesium, C, Quercetin, etc . Mild c19 5 days slight fever, sore throat etc . No probs since. Live in a retirement home. God bless from Australia. Eent on 4 freedom marches.🌿💓

  18. you prescribe antibiotics very early and then describe the primary tenancy of the microbiome…this seems a little contradictory?

    Also, this time of year in northern hemisphere, seems the best formula for D, Melatonin, and blood sugar is a brisk 60 minute mid-morning walk. The walk itself is anti-inflammatory and if you want to start your day with a pineapple salad covered in flax, black pepper, and turmeric you'll get even less inflammation and increase the D retention.

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