Dr. Mark Hobart joins the election bid in Victoria

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Filmed 17.09.22.

Written by True Arrow


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  1. so there are some Victorians who still have a functioning brain, wow, the time has come Victorians, your choice, what will it be? fear and stupidity or courage and intelligence? we will see

  2. Thank you for your amazing support Dr Mark Hobart. They had no right to suspend you as they have no standing in our society. These perpe traitors had no respect for the law, nor for basic God-given human rights.

  3. Yes!. Go Dr. Hobart, we all love you. time up andrews. Time for the true Australian truth teller to be looking out for the rights of Victorians. Everything he did was Illegal, harmful and caused so much heartache to people without even knowing what he was on about. No one want a rat eared coke snorting psycho around, whoever that Is. PS: Straight up doc you took the Hippocratic oath, whilst these people practice the hypocrisy act.

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