Dr Mattias Desmet on how to stop mass formation psychosis.

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  1. Exaggeration and propaganda is how we got here…here is not a good place. We cannot succeed if we continue going down this path. Open, respectful dialogue and debate is the only answer. If your government does not support such open speech, then they do not support you, rather they want to control you.

  2. People like Desmet are helping keep me sane…. If the government/media establishment try this again, more of us will be ready to calmly resist and speak out, which was hard two years ago because of the uncertainty and novelty of the situation.

  3. The world economy is going into recession and they need an excuse to print more currency and inject it into the economy to protect the asset values of the rich, hence more lockdown nonsense.

  4. Just keep encouraging people to look at the WEF 2030 agenda and let them realise what is being done. Anyone refusing to aknowledge the dirty game being played on mankind deserves what they will get. They want to destroy families and jobs and then ask us to vote for them so they can keep theirs. Think about that and what has been dliberately done to us. Identify and disrupt the government psycologists being used against us.

  5. I really disagree about the anger part. The covid hysterics have been attacking us viscously for two years – virtue signaling, refusing to take on any new information, wanting our very rights taken away – it's long past time to get angry, and it's perfectly ok to be so.

  6. Don’t watch BBC news. That’ll help a lot. Happen to switch over last night and they were whipping up fear about heat waves and food shortages.

  7. I didnt fall first time & wont this time unvaccinated at all times just another money spinner for the drug companies who have the politicians in there pockets

  8. Laura Dodsworth exlains how it has been done in her book "State of Fear",everyone ought to read it, and the organizations involved in doing psychological manipulation and coersion around the world on the public.

  9. Kind of funny this is being punted as a mainstream theory. It's a reasonable theory but it's hardly concrete. The expert also doesn't use hysteria, yet GBN starts it with that. The cause may not be the cause, even if it is causation does not mean correlation. Also it can't be tested. If it's inherent it can't be stopped anyway.

  10. Amazing to see Mattias Desmit on a relatively mainstream outlet , it’s a sign the Overton window is moving sufficiently for these issues to be discussed.

    His conversation with Bret Weinstein darkhorse podcast was brilliant, I recommend anyone who enjoyed this interview go watch it.

  11. For those interested in a more esoteric view on this mass formation, check out Mattais interview on Re-Story here on youtube. Mattaias was very gracious and open to do this interview. Also, look into Rudolph Steiner's – Soul Killing Vaccine.

  12. WHAT ? I'm 76 and and in the olden days, we called it a mob mentality. Oddly, the mechanism is exactly the same as mass formation and mob behavior doesn't have to start in aggression either. Shoulda renamed it and written a book. 🤐

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