Dr Monique Ryan ‘caught red-handed being a hypocrite’

Independent MP Dr Monique Ryan has been “caught red-handed being a hypocrite,” says Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

Dr Monique Ryan – who recently blasted Coalition MPs for not wearing masks in Parliament – has been forced to defend her own actions after leaked footage has shown her dancing at a recent live fundraising event in Victoria without wearing a mask.

The footage, obtained by Sky News Australia, was taken almost three weeks after Dr Ryan took aim at LNP members during Question Time on August 1 for not wearing a mask.

Assessing the footage, Mr Clennell said there was “no social distancing” seen.

“Unfortunately, if you preach in politics, you really have to practice it,” Mr Clennell said.

Speaking to Sky News Australia on Thursday, Dr Ryan defended her actions by saying while she doesn’t “keep a mask on 24/7,” she does wear one “almost all of the time”.


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  1. It's the saying do as I say don't do as I do, once they get in parliament they do there own thing, they make out that they are for the people when it comes to getting in parliament, what a joke shows you that the COVID narrative was a load of bullshit.

  2. Monique Ryan IS a good parliamentarian. Why? She accurately reflects the wisdom and values of a significant proportion of her electorate (Kooyong) that put her into office. What more could an electorate want, someone who truly represents them.

  3. Why are we just realizing this??!! Was it not obvious that despite Chinese people wearing masks for years, pre-pandem, they still got sick??!!!
    I knew on day 3 of shutdowns, that the facial mask was useless!!

    Just live LIFE, fear not- life’s too short, enjoy the present, because, covert or no covert-tomorrow is not guaranteed!

  4. How embarrassing for her, she was quick to talk the talk, but when it came to walking the walk she got proved to be a liar and a hypocrite. Typical and no surprising from a so called independent. No credibility.

  5. I take my hat off to the people who refused this vaccine crap. I had to travel for work and visit a family member in a 5 Star funeral home they call aged care, I have not believed in any of this from day one, but the need to keep an eye on our family member meant I had to take that vaccine. My heart breaks for those who lost family members who were kept apart at the time they needed to be together.The public need to wake up and clean out our Politicians not just for this Covid crap but the Corruption happening right under their noses. A lot of these representing us are not there for the right reasons.

  6. If you look at her facial expressions and body language it’s clear she sees herself as an elitist, superior. See how she often rolls her eyes. Already this woman exposes herself as being out touch and very much the control freak hypocrite she is. She deserves all the scrutiny she gets and please don’t cry discrimination here thanks! You want to dish it out…you’ll get it back dear.

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