Dr Peter Doshi, associate editor of the BMJ discusses the scientific process/roll out of Vaccines

Dr Peter Doshi, associate editor of the British Medical Journal(BMJ), discusses the total lack of scientific process behind the development and roll out Covid vaccines in a meeting called by Senator Ron Johnson on the topic of vaccine mandates.

Peter Doshi is an associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research in the School of Pharmacy and associate editor at The BMJ. His research focuses on policies related to drug safety and effectiveness evaluation in the context of regulation, evidence-based medicine, and debates over access to data.

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  1. Aussie Health Chief Says People Who Don’t Get Vaccinated Will be “Miserable” and “Lonely” for Life. Peter Doshi submission and Public Comments at FDA VRB Product Advisory Committee September ,2021 Oxford Vaccine Group Director, Professor Andrew Pollard said Herd Immunity is not achievable with Mass Vaccination and Senator Ron Johnson Presents to US Senate UK Public data of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated-MUST WATCH!!!! . Sen. Ron Johnson Presents VAERS RECORD and he is Alarmed with Adverse Events Reported In Belgium-Antwerp GZA Hospitals 100% Patients in ICU are vaccinated

  2. Things went left when Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky (CDC Director) started to regurgitate the same divisive rhetoric of the President.

    This is NOT the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Until Fauci, NIH, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology tell us how this pandemic started in the first place; it is misinformation to say things like that as if it's a fact.

    Last I checked ground zero was not North America so how are we expected to shame and blame each other for something we didn't start? I never thought voting for Biden would mean he would purposely segregate Americans using similar language of Trump. It's no different than Trump as President telling everyone it's the kunflu and chinavirus. It's wrong no matter who does it and it isn't helping us at all.

  3. He encourages scientific discussion. It's also what he expects from people wishing to publish in his highly respected journal. It's part of the 'ethics' section in research proposals reviewed by ethics boards before approval.

  4. Dr Peter Doshi is on the right side of history. It’s time we all start applying critical thinking, demand the end of censorship and silencing of intelligent and thoughtful voices

  5. On February 14, 2021, Sam Bokken, as a researcher and lecturer in health sciences, sat around the table with epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme, among others, to debate the corona vaccine during the broadcast of 'De Zevende Dag'. In it, he questioned vaccination policy. “Whether the vaccine is effective or not, I'm not sure, but I'm more concerned with ethical reflections. Everything is being propagated in the direction of our freedom, but then I do have questions about vaccinating the population under 60 when we know that 98 percent of them show hardly any or no symptoms when infected," Bokken said during the broadcast. He also doubted whether vaccination prevents further infection.
    A month later, PXL University of Applied Sciences fires Sam Bokken.
    Telling the truth will cost your work and reputation in Belgium.

  6. How are Dr. Fauci's experiments on dogs, cats and orphaned American children at Washington Heights going? The AMA has far-eclipsed its prime and in now a rancid tool of GUBBERMINT, compliance and the JAB. Screw you. I remember when medicine was an honorable profession. Now it is just a rubber stamp for demon-rat political policies. The AMA should be leading the fight FOR science and data on the JAB, instead of, like defeated beta-males, whimpering your support to Big Pharma. Let's Go Brandon! #FJB

  7. I congratulate for the deep content of your presentation, I fully subscribe and share your criticisms and concerns about the authoritarian drift of many institutions and first line protagonists in dealing with many crucial issues of this Pandemia.

  8. Reading information for investigative journalists (a rare thing nowadays) it admits when it comes to science and critiquing studies and data, it needs a real experienced professional, with no conflicts of interest….and Peter Doshi’s name came up. We can only hope that people like him will continue to investigate and hope that more will. Also support for the whistleblowers….

  9. I have coworkers who got super sick with Covid AFTER getting vaccinated. Also other coworkers who were vaccinated had bad side effects. One went deaf in one ear and 2 had heart problems, they all took Moderna. They haven’t published enough studies to safely approve these vaccines so why would they when less than 1% of our 300 million plus population has died from Covid 19??

  10. The defintion of sleever changed to push therapies through "e-you-ayy" status. There was billions of dollars at stake for over a decade from mulitple philathropists pushing this decision.

  11. Not any TV CHANNEL in the world will show this, and why ? Why they give only one side of the problem??? Every day starts with death, covid deaths covid … vaccination.. bla bla FUCKING BS!!!! All this is a fucking joke!! People don’t use those fucking shit stuff that are injecting you!!!

  12. OMG, Dr Doshi is questioning the veracity of the covid statistics and the vaccine itself. Quick youtube, hurry up and censor it before too many people might begin to get the notion that they too can actually critically think about this issue and possibly object to totalitarian behavior from government officials.

  13. For those who can, please save this video and share far and wide. To the vaccinated, please speak up loudly if you have experienced strange or mysterious symptoms since getting vaxxed. We need your voices!

  14. I would download this video if you like it. You-tube considers this video "misinformation" even though this doctor knows more than the CDC. You-tube spreading misinformation deleting information that makes more sense.

  15. Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data January 4, 2021. November 15, 2021 Singapore Health Minister Ong Ye Kung after 2 doses+ booster 62 per cent, 72 per cent that Pfizer, Moderna reduces the risk of infection. Dr Peter Doshi and others are being silenced, no doubt.

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