Dr. Peter Ridd & The Great Barrier Reef: quality assurance issues (part 4)

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Ridd is a physicist, an author, and a former professor at James Cook University (JCU). He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from JCU in 1978, and later a PhD in Physics. A marine science specialist, Ridd has studied the Great Barrier Reef since 1984. He was Head of the Physics department from 2009 to 2016 and Head of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at JCU for 15 years.

James Cook University sacked Professor Peter Ridd for daring to say that some of our reef expert institutions “could not be trusted” then wasted millions of tax payers money pursuing Ridd through the court. The case was eventually decided in the High court, which ruled that JCU had unlawfully censured Ridd although a technicality of the work contract allowed the university to terminate his employment for speaking publicly about JCU’s unlawful behaviour.

Ridd’s comments about institutional trustworthiness have recently been proven correct by the latest data from the Australian Institute of Marine Science that shows the reef has record high coral cover in 2022 – despite the four widely reported “bleaching events” in the last 6 years which supposedly killed a huge amount of coral. Clearly very little coral was killed in those events and the reef is in brilliant condition.

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