Dr. Robert Malone: Alternative Treatments ‘Withdrawn for Political Reasons’ | CLIP

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mRNA Vaccine Inventor Dr. Robert Malone explains how political influence has affected the acceptance of alternative treatments for COVID-19.

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  1. Covid is a lab created virus that was engineered to create an inflammatory response in the body. The vaccine – "solution to our problem" – was probably created prior to even releasing this virus into the general populous and the "year" long development was simply a ramping up of manufacturing the vaccine.

    How can anyone trust any of these organizations that have been lying to the public from the start? Anything they say should be treated as a lie..from the stats to the claims of efficacy, safety, etc. of the vaccines, to the dangers of the virus.

  2. Dexamethazone is a demon drug, period, end of discussion. Speak with anyone that has to take it for Multiple Myeloma. It turns you into a steroid monster.

  3. I can’t even imagine how many people could’ve been saved with these therapeutics, if it weren’t for these evil people. They never wanted to solve the problem with alternative medicine, they wanted that sweet greens with the vaccine.

  4. Millions have died needlessly Worldwide because of Government/Big Pharma/Media Lies to Reap Billions $$$$'s with vaccines ………. That, Ivermectin prevented death and hospital by 75% was known Oct. 2020………This is, and continues to be Criminal ! !

  5. A very close friend of mind who is 83 had perfect health. Immediately after the second dose of maderna he had a horrible outbreak resembling shingles that lasted over a month. Three months later he went to the hospital for having 4 small strokes.

  6. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have long been great combatants against respiratory conditions, and it's continued use should be championed. However, the quickest way to eliminate the phake beer flu illness is to stop testing with a fraudulent PCR "test"; it will all be over inside a week. If we are seriously looking at an elimination strategy then start with the perpetrators at the top, the work down to governments and health technocrats.

  7. He Cannot free speaks, over the vaccins. The sensuur are very big!
    That are correct there are problems with the vaccin and the transmission. It Works not Good ! The vaccins give not enough protection. The transmission from the virus are going on. ❗️

  8. @ Dr Robert Malone,. Can you advise if turmeric and black ground pepper can get an arm ?? Maybe add zinc & qucertin too? Also sprulina is very good for people who are struggling with low energy levels. Stay blessed.. thank you Dr Robert Malone !! You know I would have almost believed I was crazy without you speaking up..

  9. Well, as a long hauler, this describes me. Initial mild case, followed by blood clots, then heart palpitations and thrombosis and now complete lymphatic swelling. My entire torso was swollen. I do care if people think this is conspiratorial, but I have always been healthy (rarely a cold). I took the PCR test to clear the way for my daughter to travel State line for Christmas. In less than 2 weeks I was having symptoms. The president of Ghana apparently tested the test test kits on things like a donkey and Paw paw fruit and it came back positive. What was on that swab? Oh, and now that president is dead.

  10. He admits there are a lot of terrible side affects but still, seems to make too many excuses for how this was done. He’s being too kind, this whole thing has been on purpose. Why on earth would governments (Canada) forbid a harmless drug such as Ivermectin, for people, when it has been proven to work quite well. Only one reason I can think of. Dr. Pierre Kory testified in front of U.S. congress, and was ignored. I believe that Dr. Malone warned the CDC about potential problems from the beginning, and he was ignored.

  11. I Thank God for this Man to give us this information! I have talked to so many people that have fatigue, or feel something doesn't feel right after being Vaccinated, this is months after!

  12. URGENT. Australian ePetition closing today 14th July,. EN2753. Reason: Experimental vaccines being tested for Covid-19 virus is going against Nuremberg Code if mandatory. Request: We therefore ask the House to uphold the Nuremberg Code and not make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory. Please sign if you don’t want to be forced or you believe people should be able to decide for themselves.

  13. Therapeutic treatments should be available to everyone regardless of where they live! Not everyone can tolerate the experimental insufficiently tested injections. Everyone should have that choice….coercion has no place in anyone's health decisions!

  14. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquin would have diluted the effects of covid tremendously.
    Unfortunately, the government has an agenda and it's not public safety.

  15. Damn he looks like Harrison Ford from the Fugitive, ironic because they're almost the same kind of profession as in the movie

  16. Thanks Epoch Times for good journalism. I would like to understand SARS, and how Covid, that has SARS in its name, are related. I would also like to see someone discuss gene sequencing relating to patents. There are statements that patent 7279327 relates to SARS. I cannot decipher such technical things. We have heard this virus is new, but some say the components are all patented.

  17. Does anyone know how to save video presentations before You Tube can delete them? Does saving them to our play list protect them from You Tube depletion?

  18. Effective treatments were withheld so the IJ could be given. A Criminal act perpetrated globally…proving globalists control govts.

  19. According to reports Pfizer has sold 20 some odd billions of dollars in vaccine profits as well as Moderna made 34 billion dollars in vaccine profits. According to the old saying; "follow the money" and you'll find the answer to your questions.