Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech) Warns of Risks w/ Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew

“As the original ‘inventor’ of mRNA and DNA vaccines… I am concerned about how the technology is being developed and implemented.” Dr. Robert Malone is recognized as an original “inventor” of mRNA vaccine technology. But he has deep concerns about its effects, and has been banned by most major social platforms for speaking about the risks that he believes are hiding within his own discoveries.
Dr. Malone is so controversial that his interviews with podcasting titan Joe Rogan were censored by major platforms after being viewed by millions. The producers of Ask Dr. Drew expect a similar reaction to this episode – if today’s live discussion gets too controversial, we’ll cut the stream and continue at

「 REPLAY 」This episode was broadcast live on 8/31/2022, but we were temporarily banned by YouTube on that day. YouTube removed the strike on 9/1/2022. This is an unedited recording of the Rumble broadcast.

Dr. Robert Malone received his medical degree from the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, and completed the Harvard Medical School fellowship in 2016 and was scientifically trained at the University of California at Davis, the University of California at San Diego, and at the Salk Institute Molecular Biology and Virology laboratories.

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The CDC states that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and reduce your risk of severe illness. You should always consult your personal physician before making any decisions about your health.

「 with DR. VICTORY 」
Dr. Kelly Victory MD is a board-certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She served as CMO for Whole Health Management, delivering on-site healthcare services for Fortune 500 companies. She holds a BS from Duke University and her MD from the University of North Carolina. Follow her at

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Written by Dr. Drew


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  1. All vaccine injured people MUST push to have their case entered onto VAERS. So that these safety signals ring loud and clear to the denial medical community, who are burying their head in the sand against overwhelming evidence.
    Report it now!

  2. Dr Malone has probably been the most smeared Dr since this scam started.
    He has been amazingly steadfast and strong. I am sure he has taken a huge hit to his career and business dealings.
    All power to this brave man. He and only sadly a handful of brave people have stuck their head up from the beginning and have been advocates for humanity.

  3. In an ideal world we would see the phenomena of such things like mass psychosis, mass formation and groupthink, be taught in schools. It would help children, I am sure, to maintain critical thinking and give them the skills to resist cults and damaging ‘trends’.

    Unfortunately, we all know that governments worldwide would not endorse such teaching because it would give people the tools to resist coercion and be able to see through agendas.

  4. Everyone MUST WATCH Stephen Petty- on the Effectiveness of Masks! 
    l defy anyone not to accept that we have been lied to, coerced and blackmailed into wearing something on our faces for hour after hour, that clearly CANNOT WORK for the reasons Stephen details!

    Stephen, like the Dr Malone is an EXPERT in his field, there is no one higher!

  5. Thanks for saying these truths ! You contribute to our getting rid of this awful FEAR they 'injected' ! This cover-up was the worst thing I ever lived, and so many others ! Continue please ! 🍀👍

  6. How does he KNOW that hospitalisation and deaths are reduced over the age of sixty-five? This claim is widely made for the vaccines, but there is no certainty that the outcomes would be any different without treatment. They first said that the vaccine would prevent infection, then that it would prevent transmission, neither of these were true showing that these assertions were just guesses. Why then should we believe that the third assertion – 'well, it will prevent serious hospitalisations and deaths' – is any less of a guess. I have never seen any reason to think that these treatments were any more beneficial to the elderly, than to any other group.

  7. Corruption has NO place in good, safe science. I am over 65 and I will not be taking the V. I don't inject anything into my body that comes from a data-truth-hiding corrupt gov elite/health depts/pharma/bureaucracy. He77 no. The "mistakes" were dishonesty. The hidden data was on purpose. Firing doctors was sickening. Science is one thing (but not when debate is cancelled).

  8. You just discussed the law that keeps positions like you who are trying to make money publicly talking about medical issues from talking to each other in public without first verifying it through medical boards and such this is been going on for years information takes time to figure out and then you jumped from that too this affecting the way you talk personally to your patients those are two totally different things the law only affects one and I have to do with the miss information not the personal medical relationship between a patient of the doctor. I bet the last time you read a journal is over three years ago

  9. i have two family members who died shortly after taking the second dose and booster and i also have a young friend only 20 years old who ended up with myocarditis after the booster shot…

  10. Recommend all You want…Many Do NOT agree…!!
    Doctors are Not God…God gave Everyone of us a Natural ability to doctor Ourselves. It isn't Science at all…!

  11. Doctors are about to go super mainstream for the KETO diet & Intermittent fasting, and disprove the unscientific mostly carbs low fat toxic dietary guidelines that have created an economy based on such a highly taxable amount of work and highly regulated, much more than possible on a healthier dietary guidelines economy. Try turning natural fats & pastured full truly old fashioned organic animal proteins & dairy into thousands of high profit processed products, with all the related indoor jobs at every income & skill level. People like living years/decades longer and feeling much better all the while. Word is spreading like wildfire over the internet & word of mouth as people are healed from diabetes, autoimmune, arthritis, kidney pain, heart troubles, skin disorders, Cancer too! Get ready. Major economic changes coming. Buy sheep & goats & land & seeds & food trees & perennial food plants, help grain farmers go organic & keep their land.

  12. This whole Covid thing is to control people through fear. This is not over. The powers that be are still conniving doom. However, I trust in the God who created the universe. He is the One truly in control.

  13. Flu vaccines were never MRNA technology. Can't compare. A coworker had a stroke at the base of his brain a few days after getting the MRNA COVID-19 shot, and soon developed cancer all over his body. Now he wears part of his intestines outside of his body, and vomited feces out of his mouth. He was not a health wreck until days after the "vaccine" They had to redefine the word vaccine to even call the COVID injection as such. No medical experiments on our family, at least not this one. We tried the KETO medical experiment and got much healthier and I didn't need to go on insulin injections or other meds, no foot surgery needed anymore, so many pains & problems gone mostly or entirely. And my husband's lifelong very bad very frequent migraine headaches never happen anymore. Cured our son's pizza face acne in 2 weeks after I reduced his carbs like I had reduced mine, and added natural fats for the needed calories instead. Not a zero carb lifestyle but much less. KETO is a natural body process called Ketosis. Not a fad diet.

  14. "Dreaded complications of the J&J". Sooooo, complications of these experiments on humans worth it? I will stay a True Blood. Hasn't killed me yet throughout the Plandemic!

  15. Great conversation! My red flag was, as discussed, this unitary push for this vaccine! No other mitigations or best health practices were discussed at all by the mainstream media, public health or the government at large. Independently, I began taking vitamins D3 + K2, C, B12 and I kept zinc on-hand. I also paid more attention to my diet, increased my daily exercise and stayed very aware of my circadian rhythm (7-9 hours of sleep each night). Also, I purposefully tuned OUT the MSM, Fauci, and even most local news alerts. It's unfortunate, but I too have lost confidence in public health and I do my own research on NIH and check against international organizations ahead of all health decisions.

  16. I’m sad we still haven’t learned to wait on these new experimental vaccine which the new Oma Cron by valent vaccine is, it’s new only tested on eight mice? Why not tell patience to wait

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