Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.

This is one of many doctors speaking out about Covid-19, the Covid-19 vaccine and the disinformation the system has been feeding the public from day one! No doubt the system will attempt to destroy Dr Gold and scrub this video off of the internet hence why we are sharing it too! Watch, learn and share!


  1. The CDC is "a Vaccine Company". Unelected, Unwanted group of fake scientists promoting they are the professionals on people's health. A vaccine company is not an actual doctor, promoting the protection of your health. The CDC Must be disbanded. Did you ask for them to tell you what to put in your body? I didn't.

  2. Dr Gold, Thank you for your honesty, professionalism and amazing knowledge. I would like to know how to get hydroxychloroquine without an Rx. I have looked for it, in the US, Canada and Mexico. All the sites I have looked to buy it, requires an Rx. I don't think it needs a prescription. the entire population of earth needs this drug.

  3. Spanish Flu was a deceptive name. It didn’t arise in Spain but at a US military base in Kansas. Should it have been called Kansas Flu? Or USA flu? Spanish Flu got that name because Spain was neutral during WW I, and not under wartime censorship, so newspapers there gave accurate reports of the outbreaks occurring in Spain while wartime censorship in the US censured accounts of the earlier outbreak.

  4. You can get IVERMECTIN through Americas frontline doctors . $90 for the consult and then they refer you to the online pharamacy which calls you the next day…It's all you need…..

  5. Misinformation at it's best. Coming from someone who also used to distrust everything official and believed everything that went against the narrative. What you guys have to realize is that everything that goes against the narrative doesn't make it automatically true. Which means researching arguments of both sides, finding out what is based on facts and what is just based on opinions and/or more false information, that is based on nothing but warm farts pulled out of air and making them sound like logical facts, and then building a story with these fartcs which a mistrusting slightly paranoid person believes at face value.
    After I started to question the alternative narrative, I started to see way more clearly than ever, before that it was constant conspiracy theory to left and right, funnily enough – what woke me up was this pandemic and one of these alternative videos. One time I decided to google the so called doctors in a video and what they were saying and found out that the person wasn't even a doctor and what was said is biologically impossible, and anyone who had paid attention in high school biology would know it. Most haven't, including me.

  6. @Zimoria replied: "The covid vaccine is an rDNA vaccine which stands for recombinant DNA, as in recombines DNA. Is that modify DNA or protein forming? "

    Nope. It is mRNA. 'm' for messenger.

  7. The only immunity vaccines give, is to Big Pharma, immunity from liability! This is a problem with vaccines going back to the 80's. This is not NEW to this gene therapy.

  8. If this isn't B.S, why are people in Africa getting Covid-19? She claims they take hydroxychloroquine every day, so there should be No Covid-19 deaths, but there are. Look her up, she's wrong, more misinformation.

  9. I’m saddened that Trump is such a big proponent of that “vaccine”. The reason some ppl give is because if he wouldn’t have fast tracked it, it would have been made mandatory. I don’t fully know but don’t buy it

  10. Only having grandma. In front of my name and not a Dr. I have taken abuse for speaking out against the vaccine. I'm proud of Dr. Gold for her bravery in tellingly the dangers from the vaccine.

  11. Double standard Democrats want to tag hydroxychloroquin unsafe because they say there is not enough testing on it, BUT they are trying to ram an EXPERIMENTAL Biological INJECTION down America's throats with NO testing. We are the Guinea pigs.

  12. Only a Western doctor can say drugs are not a big deal… even the under the counter ones. All drugs have side-effects, and they grow with time. For what I know, using hydrochloroquine for decades can affect your hearing process, for instance. Done my research on hydrochloroquine: "In addition to side effects affecting the heart, they are known to potentially cause liver and kidney problems, nerve cell damage that can lead to seizures (fits) and low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)"
    But taking such drug for a short time, why not?

  13. We knew Simone was right all all along and the MSM and their overlords were destroying us. Nothing has changed in the world since Moses. You are slaves and you will capitulate to your overlords or be squashed like a bug.

  14. She needs to stop making this about politics; "The socialists win the language wars". Well actually plenty of 'socialists' have the exact same concerns about this vaccine as she does. But how can we cite her as a source when she casts doubt on her own credibility by making the issue about religion and politics.

  15. Went to the link for the sign the petition URL and after filling in the form was directed to an AFLDS page where it said, "This page doesn't seem to exist. It looks like the link pointing here was faulty. Maybe try searching?" I'm curious if I was actually added to the petition or if the website links are broken??

  16. This plandemic was indeed planned to eradicate humanity….
    God bless all who fell prey to the evil plan by the obvious …. THANK YOU FOR BEING WOKE, and HAVING A HEART FOR HUMANITY.

  17. I wish I can find this w/ Albanian or greek subtitles. I have friends that would benefit. I anyone knows anything plz let me know.

  18. Protect this lady at all cost. And please do download this video at once. We dont know when this important video get deleted by yt. And share this to all as fast as you can.

  19. God bless you and all the Doctors standing for the effective medical treatment. Have been following you since March 2020. Glad to see they are starting to let these videos of medical education not be suppressed anymore. All the deaths that were unnecessary from them suppressing all your excellent medical treatment. We thank you for your ethics as a Doctor of medicine.

  20. We are retired and travel the country in our rv. We travled all during the Covid "crisis" with no mask and no distancing. We did not bend to the people telling us to wear the mask and stay in one place. We traveled across the country twice and never even got a cold. While all the other sheep were cowering in one place, we were having a wonderful time seeing America. No crowds anywhere.